Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord (2017 Movie)

Power Rangers Movie Poster Featuring Sabertooth Tiger Released!!!

(Source: has just released an exclusive poster from the Power Rangers Movie featuring a clear look at the Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord, the personal zord of the Yellow Ranger Trini played by Becky G. The Power Rangers Movie will be hitting theaters March 24th, 2017.

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The GRID Podcast: Episode 89 “Throwin’ Salt” *Super Charged Edition*

Don’t Forget to Subscribe to us on ITUNES! The GRID Episode 89: “Throwin’ Salt” Welcome to the Shit Show! It’s A Super Charged Edition! Episode 89: “Throwin’ Salt” is here where we discuss such vital topics such as the #RepulsaTakeOver, Alpha 5 Movie Look Reveal, Brazil Comic-Con Updates, Go-Go Power […]

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Here Comes Heximas Preview Clip

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Christmas Special Previews

Preview Clip #1 – YouTube The following clip comes from this Saturday’s episode of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge “Here Come Heximas”! Preview Clip #2 – Nickelodeon Clip Production Stills

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(BOOM! Comics) MMPR #9 Review

(Disclaimer: Please buy the comic before reading this review available at your local comic shop!) They can also be found by visiting or Preface If you’ve been following comic news lately, you’d know that this issue apparently has a “an important, all-new addition to the Power Rangers mythos.” I’m writing this introduction […]

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Awesome New Funko Pop Products Coming Very Soon!

(Source) As revealed earlier this year we are getting new versions of the White, Red & Pink MMPR Funko Pop Vinyls in new poses, but it was also revealed we would be getting an Alpha 5 (exclusive to Walmart) which we are finally getting an image of above! Below you […]

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