Remember This? :Time Force "Ransik Lives" Edited Speech 09/13/2001

Thanks to RB member, MegaBlue for pointing this out
The devastation hitting the nation after 9/11/01 stopped much television broadcast for news coverage, however some shows fledged forward.

Power Rangers Time Force was in it’s early days and was set to air “Ransik Lives” on 9/13/01. However, in the scene Ransik, the villain of TF, makes terrorist threats to blow up buildings over the television.

In it’s original air the producers knew they had to do something about the speech so soon after the attacks. So they edited over it, with the TF theme.

It looks very strange, take a look:

“This original edit – as it aired on 9/13/01 – simply layers the instrumental theme song to the show over top of Ransik’s dialogue. The video – including the monster blowing up buildings – is left in tact. The final edit leaves the dialogue in, but changes the video so the monster blows up some mountains.” — DLJBFan2008, YouTube