The Top 10 Most Overused and Annoying Memes

Having spent a lot of time  on Tumblr over the last two years, and re-blogging a lot from the Power Rangers tag, I have seen many many many Memes out there that people have made. Some are really stupid, some are funny but most of all some of them are really overused and refuse to go away! I am here counting down the top ten most overused and annoying memes out there!

#10: The Out of Work Ranger

I first saw this one a long time ago and while it doesn’t necessarily annoy me it is definitely overused. I thought it was really cute the first time I saw it and even shared it on Facebook. While, like I said, it’s funny I think its time to put this one to rest.

#9: A Bad Influence

Here in the early numbers of the countdown some of the memes are kinda relevant and make you laugh at your childhood, but this overused meme  has been so overused that I’ve even seen it in other languages. When memes go global, no one wins 😀

#8: Green Doesn’t Give A F*ck

By the way if you click the image you can see it animated…..This meme has skyrocketed since the bottom image premiered first.
Sure the Green Ranger kicking the other Rangers butts was pretty sweet, but the Swag Green Ranger at the bottom makes it a little douchey.
I’ve seen the bottom image memed a million times and this one is just lame.

#7:  Bump, Grind & Morph

Click to animate…..Oh man, If you haven’t seen this one then you have definitely been living under a rock! Taken from a YouTube video where a bunch of people dress up as the Rangers and go around town doing random things, this part was hilarious at first. Then it seemed to take over Tumblr! I see this one at least once a day!

#6: Salad with Dressing

Click to Animate…..I have no idea if this is actually from a Power Rangers episode or if was a line in the Sentai but this meme is everywhere!
(and it was in a real episode: here)
What kind of weirdo thinks of captioning that on an image of the Power Rangers? He could be saying much more funny things! LOL, again at first it was funny but now I just wonder what sicko created such a thing! However, knowing now that it was indeed a real episode of Power Rangers that kinda redeems the image LOL!

#5:  Sombrero Power Up!

Click to Animate.…I know you’ve seen this one! It’s not even Power Rangers, this is a scene from Gokaiger and for some reason someone thought it would be awesome to have them with mustaches and flip sombreros onto their helmet. This is complete and utter randomness! Where did this person get their inspiration? I’m sure it didn’t take much, but this one doesn’t seem to be going away.

#4: White Power

Click to Animate...I get the idea that there’s a African-American guy in the White Ranger suit and that’s funny….right?
This image was taken from the same video  as the bump and grind images, but good god these animated gifs need to die.

#3: Disco Point

This has to be taken from a Magiranger shot and not from Mystic Force, but I have been seeing this one everywhere and some with less than nice captions than fabulous. I am definitely tired of seeing this one!

#2: Pop Rangers

I can’t freaking tell you how much I mother-loving HATE this image. Then when my friends find out I love Power Rangers they just have to post this AND THE MANY OTHER IMAGES OF POP DIVAS WITH MULTICOLORED HAIR on my Facebook wall thinking they are so cool!
First of all, just because multi-colored items near each other do not make Power Rangers.
Second, the part at the bottom, the Power Rangers never left FOOL!

There. I got that off my chest, but I hate these and all the other images like this. So please stop making them before I thrown my PC out the window!


AND now the #1 overused and STUPID meme is this one. Again, people claiming that Austin St. John was in Gay Porn.
It’s clearly not Austin as we’ve seen what he looks like recently. The guy in the porn looks completely different!
So, tell your friends and family and get this meme to DIE as soon as possible.
NO! Austin did not do PORN!

There! 10 of the worst, lame, over-used and annoying memes out in the Power Rangers universe!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this little romp into internet memes but please do me a favor:
Stop re-blogging or re-posting these images it only encourages the fair-weather PR fans to love them!

Thank you and Good Night! 😀

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