The Top 15 Sexiest Male Rangers; as Picked by Cupofwater03!

After spending some time focusing on the sexiest of the Female Villains many of my followers wanted some sort of countdown of the male variety. Sadly, most (if not all) of the Male Villains are in rubber suits. So I began a new countdown, the Rangers themselves.
I took into account the Rangers looks, their Power, their physique and of course the way they look in the suits!
Many I wanted didn’t make the list, but these are MY top 15:

**Editors Note: I did not chose Jason David Frank on this list because well to me he is probably my all time Ranger crush and I wanted to keep him out of the list for my own sanity and because for most of my followers its obvious I would pick him!

Joel Rawlings, Green Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
(Keith Robinson)

Personally, Joel had to be on this list because he was indeed one of the sexiest men on the Lightspeed Rescue team. There was something sexy about his cowboy hat, his cockiness and his no-ending lust for Miss Fairweather. Whenever he tried to impress her he impressed me even more and he was a Sky Cowboy and how hot is that?!
Joel was in tip top shape and from what you can see above his actor Keith Robinson is still as sexy!

Xander Bly, Green Mystic Force Ranger
(Richard Brancatisano)

You may say that my list is a little biased because I love Green Rangers so much. Well, you may be right but you cannot deny the sex appeal that was Xander Bly. From his sexy segue to introduce himself to the villains or from his sexy sexy Aussie accent, either way you cannot deny that both Xander and his actor Richard Brancatisano are a “force” to be reckoned with 😉

Casey Rhodes, Red Jungle Fury Ranger
(Jason Smith)

I have to say that if you’ve never seen Jungle Fury, get on Netflix right now and watch because Casey is a Red Ranger unlike any other. Not just from his good looks and innocent face but he is actually one of the most passionate acting Rangers in the entire series of Power Rangers. Jason Smith shows so much Passion as a Red Ranger and as his character that  you really root for him and grow to admire and thus lust after him!
Once you hear him roar, “Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed” you won’t want to ever hear him stop!

Conner McKnight, Red Dino Thunder Ranger
(James Napier)

I must admit that at first Conner wasn’t even in the Top 15 of my list. Then I reviewed some of his images and a few scenes I had forgotten from Dino Thunder and I had to make room for him. His eyes and the smirks he gives in a few episodes are just to die for and let’s not forget the way he looks in that soccer uniform. *Swoon*

Rocky DeSantos, Red MMPR & Blue Zeo Ranger 
(Steve Cardenas)

Now we all know the epic hotness that was Rocky from Season 2 up until his departure in the beginning of Turbo, but one thing that can be said about Steve Cardenas is that he has not only kept up with his body but has even made it better! When I first saw this picture, posted on his Facebook a few months ago, it was hard not to plotz! He may have aged a few years but he still looks just as smokin’!

Gem, Gold RPM Ranger
(Mike Ginn)

Gem and Mike Ginn are very different characters. While Gem is really into blowing stuff up and loud boisterous sort of person, Mike is a little more reserved but has one of the best personalities you’d ever come across. Truly humble, with boyish good looks and tee-shirts that fit juuuuuust right.
While Gem was adorable and looks fantastic in the Gold suit, Mike Ginn creates more of a sex appeal both for the character and for himself.
AND How can we forget that Smile!

Mike Corbett, Magna Defender Lost Galaxy Ranger
(Russell Lawrence)

I’m not sure if it was his valiant fall into the pits of Mirinoi or if it’s his perfect hair, either way this man is beautiful! Mike is the epitome of sexy Rangers and while yes, he is only #9 he definitely deserves to be in the top 10! His courage, his strength and his bond to his brother all make this Ranger one of the sexiest the Saban era ever popped out! Not to mention the muscles!

Wes Collins, Red Time Force Ranger
(Jason Faunt)

One cannot deny the charms that was Wesley Collins, wooing any woman he could see. But we all wanted to see him with Jen and just have that ONE kiss before the end of Time Force. Sadly we didn’t get to see that but we did get to see what Jason Faunt had to offer.
Jason Faunt is another of those Power Ranger actors who just got better with age, like a fine wine. While, this is an older picture of him you may google him and find that he is still as sultry as usual. When I met him I could barely speak two words, when he asked where I was from I said, “What?” LOL.

Dillon, Black RPM Ranger
(Dan Ewing)

Hello Underwear Model! It looks like Dan Ewing has been busy since he left the set of Power Rangers RPM. There are SEVERAL images worth sharing of Dan even some from RPM in which Dillon woos us with his beautiful hair and bad boy leather jacket, However this one seems to sum it all up for ya!

Jayden Shiba, Red Samurai Ranger
(Alex Heartman)

I have to say that when I first saw Alex Heartman on Power Rangers Samurai I wasn’t sure if I was into his look or not, but as the show went on and Alex showed off his skills and passion for the role that is Red Ranger I suddenly grew to like him more and more. Later, as he released professional images of himself I grew to love him even more. Alex has still yet to release a shirtless picture of himself (yet!) and teased us with the above pictures a few months ago and let’s just say that he has me waiting to see more!

Leo Corbett, Red Lost Galaxy Ranger
(Danny Slavin)

Oh Leo, how I love you. Leo is not only one my favorite Red Rangers but he is one of the best Red Rangers ever, yeah I said it. There was nothing more Epic at the time when he ripped off his shirt and posed with the Quasar Saber! Nothing! Each time Leo took of his shirt I know it had the girls (and some boys) screaming at their TV, and when it re-airs on Vortexx I know I will be once more! Danny Slavin deserves to be in the top 5 for sure!

Sky Tate, Blue (and then Red) SPD Ranger
(Chris Violette)

Chris Violette is another former Ranger that takes amazing model images and has to be one of the most gorgeous men I have ever seen. When I first saw Power Rangers SPD I almost lost it because such a beautiful creature would ever be on Power Rangers, in fact he is the first reason I wanted to watch in the first place. Now, I know that sounds like a bit much but its totally true. His, what I can only call Beauty, is unmatched and still is to this day. I urge you to Google him and find some more images of him where he has slightly less clothes on, you won’t be sorry 😀

Lucas Kendall, Blue Time Force Ranger
(Michael Copon)

Oh Lucas! So smooth, so sweet and a racecar driver. Can he get any better? Not to mention the amazingly handsome man playing him. Michael Copon is the epitome of sex appeal and when he wears the Blue armor it’s even better. Man I love that picture of him in the Blue Time Force suit, but this one is just as good. Anyone remember when they were casting for Twilight and he wanted to be Jacob in New Moon? I do! I wonder what that would’ve been like…..

Jason Lee Scott, Red MMPR Ranger and Gold Zeo Ranger
(Austin St. John) 

Excuse me while I Fangay a bit, but this man is just too perfect. Not only was he the original Red Ranger but he was probably the strongest leader we’ve had and that includes beating Tommy out. He had the looks, the hair, the body, the Martial Arts and that amazing smirk no one can resist. I noticed in the MMPR boxset many of the stars recounted his looks resemble Elvis Presley and until they said that I had never really considered it. But, now that I see it, it can’t be unseen! You cannot deny that Austin St. John as Jason is in your memories forever!

Mike, Green Samurai Ranger 
(Hector David Jr.)

Did you think there would be any other #1? Well if you did, you were wrong.
Since Day 1 on Samurai, actually before that, Hector David Jr has been Smoldering hot. Smoking hot.  Good lord someone give me a glass of water, Hot. Not only has he succeeded as being the fan (well most of them) favorite of the Samurai and Super Samurai seasons he has also proven to be IMHO the hottest Ranger of them all. Each time I looked back on this list and thought to myself, who is hotter than HDJ and (even though ASJ ALMOST beat him) there is not one other Ranger IMO that I can put above him as hotter or sexier.
His passion not only for the role of Mike but for the Power Rangers fandom has but him above any other in my book and while he is the rookie in the bunch, it might be hard for any other Ranger to beat him in the coming years.

Now, that’s my list of my Top 15 Sexiest/Hottest Male Rangers and I’m sure many of you will not agree with me and that’s fine and I always encourage you to post your own lists in the comments or on your own blogs and send me the link and I will be glad to share it!

I wonder if this (semi R-Rated stud) will give HDJ a run for his money in MegaForce?
Yes, that’s Andrew Gray our new Red Ranger, what do you think? 

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