Past Rangers to Appear in MegaForce Season 2 Confirmation!

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RangerCrew’s Blog “Samurai Cast”  has given us a small confirmation of former Power Rangers in Power Rangers Megaforce.
In their article a friend and Tweeter, thegeekpdt, spoke with a Saban Brands rep at the 2012 Licensing Expo who confirmed that
Past Rangers WILL return in Season 2 of Power Rangers Megaforce.
There was no confirmation if there would be any appearances during Season 1 premiering in 2013.

No word yet on exactly who will return or how this will fit into either the Goseiger or Gokaiger footage!

Who do you want to see come back in MegaForce?
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  1. I said it before and I say it again jason/kimberly and have it reveal that they are troy,s mom and dad it would make a big twist to the story 20 years ago they became rangers 20 years later there,s son becomes the new red ranger and since I think troy and emma will hook up I think emma,s mom and dad is rita and zedd jason and kimberly finds there long lost son founds out he likes emma the pink ranger then boom she is reveal to be rita/zedd,s daughter sounds like once upon a time

    1. kimm and jason were pretty much like brother sister, i have a feeling that she left tommy cause she was feeling as if she were holding him back as a ranger or was having HIS baby and didnt want to distract him more.

  2. I would love to see Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank. It would awesome if they were back together and married. Give all the Tommy and Kimberly fans what they want, which is to see them back together.

      1. but that would also imply that he an kat lasted that long an in dino thunder tommy was single and alone, i have a feeling that jason went for kat once tommy and her broke up and that somewhere down the line tommy and kimm may of gotten back together, if amy does return we will finally have an answer to the letter and find out what really happened, was she raped like most fanfictions say, was she carrying tommys baby, or was it simply that she broke up with him as to make it easier for him to focus on being a ranger and not the best boyfriend ever as she called him many times

  3. As many as possible! I will only speak on the first 10 years since that’s what I am most familiar with:

    MMPR – All of them. Obviously Trini can’t be there (RIP) but bring back the originals at least.

    Jason, Zack, Tommy, Billy, Kimberly and throw in Aiesha, Tanya (Zeo), Rocky and Adam too!

    Turbo – At least T.J. I would have him, Cassie, Justin and the black ranger back.

    PRinS – Andros and Ashley. I would also have them married.

    PRLG – At least Leo, Kendrix and Damon.

    PRLSR – Carter Grayson at minimum.

    PRTF – Wes, Jen and Eric at minimum. I’d have Wes and Jen married and Eric with Taylor from Power Rangers Wild Force.

    PRWF – All of them!

  4. I want all of them even if it would be wierd in the legendary battle to see JDF’s characters side by side. I want them all in

  5. Well lets see i would like everybody to come back cause i just miss all the old rangers like

    but i also want to see all the rangers to come back i mean seeing everybody come back would so be awsome

  6. I would love to see all past rangers that there ever was since the very first episode of mmpr. Jason, tommy, billy, Zack, Kimberly, and so on. I would like to remember one ranger that I also loved was the late trini. God bless her soul. I’ll always remember her and she will never be forgotten. If any past or present ranger happen to read this, I would like you to remember one thing that stuck in my mind since mmpr. Once a ranger, always a ranger. Just remember that.

  7. Jason and Kimberly no brainer they love each other in Turbo there,s Kim holding his hand at the end of the movie Forever-r jason made that quote about Tommy kissing on Kim it,s 20 years now Saban bring them back as a couple/married

    1. I totally agree! Bring Tommy and Kimberly back as a married couple. It’s been 20 years, so anything could happen. Despite of that zeo episode of a season to remember, they can always change the story and make it seem like that is what Kat wished would happen in her mind. It doesn’t have to be that they get married. Besides, Tommy and Kimberly just belong together despite of what anyone says. Have Kat be with Rocky or Jason even or just with a regular guy she met in ballet overseas.

    2. Kimm is like jasons sister dude plus jason would never stab tommy in the back like that, kimm probly saw that tommy an kat were together you saw how tommy acted in that movie soon as he saw kimm he went mental he could only see her and only wanted to help her. but i have a feeling that kimm only came back to tell tommy she was sorry an to ask him if they could maybe try it again and after seeing him and kat she went to her BROTHER Jason for support

  8. What I would really like to see in Megaforce (season 1 or 2 but rather already in the first) :
    – A Bulk & Skull cameo with their sons (Felix Ryan as Spike Skullovitch & Ashton Brown as Bulkmeier’s son) who could be in the same Highschool as the Rangers.
    – Tensou : Physically Sumilar to Alpha 5,6 or 7 (Gosei could have known and worked with Zordon in the past)
    – Tommy Oliver (JDF) as one of the rangers teacher (moved from Riefeside to the Megaforce Highschool… Hoping the writters will change their mind and bring back the action at Angel Grove High)
    => That would be what I really expect as a fan, the rest of the cameos, big ups, suprises would be bonus for me !!!

  9. Tommy, Jason, Kimberley, Adam, Andros, Karone, Ashley, Leo, Mike, Kendrix, Wes, Jen, Shane, Dustin, Tori, Nick Russel, Madison Roca, Jayden, Mike and Emily

  10. I want to see Karan Ashley! Aisha was always my favorite! I also wouldn’t mind seeing JDF! I would mainly hope that anyone that wants to return has a fair chance. I would prefer to see rangers who do Con circuits mostly because of their rapport with fans.

  11. I’d love to see another Forever Red episode, and a Forever Blue, and Yellow and Pink etc……. that would be Awesome!!

    1. Jason David Frank is DEFINITELY a no-brainer. As I said in an earlier post, I would love to see ALL THE ORIGINAL MMPR cast back. Obviously we can’t have Trini (Thuy Trang sadly died in 2001) but Karen Ashley (Ieshia) can definitely fill in there.

      See my earlier post on who I would want back from the first 10 seasons. Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing Sky from SPD and Wes from Time Force in the same episode since there’s always been a question whether or not they were related! LOL!

      Speaking of SPD, at least Sky and Jack. From Dino Thunder, all of them! From Samurai, all of them!

      Sorry but aside from the first 10 years, those are the only ranger teams I am really familiar with.

  12. Personally, I’d love it if Amy Jo Johnson would return but I doubt she would… Ideally, one ranger from every season but not specifically all the same colour. I’d love it if Jessica Rey returned as well :)

  13. Justin, Andros, TJ, Leo, Mike (Lost Galaxy), Dana, Jen, Wes, Cole, Dustin, Tori, Conner, Kira, Bridge, Xander, Scott, Ziggy, Flynn, Gem, Dr.K

    1. I sort of doubt it too but I hope I am wrong because the originals should be there for this. I also hope they would do a nod (even a small one) to Thuy Trang (Trini).

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