Power Rangers Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit Coming Soon!

According to an article first shared by MisturYellow on RangerCrew (viewed by me on Henshin Grid) it appears that Saban Brands is planning the first ever Power Rangers Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit!

“For the Power Rangers property, Big Time Toys will be showing seasonal swim products, Funko has a range of collectible figures in celebration of Power Rangers’ 20th anniversary, Jada is showing RC vehicles, Treehouse has a collection of collectibles and microfigures, Blip is bringing its Squinkies range and USAopoly will showcase its Power Rangers Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit games.

Now, I haven’t purchased any versions of either game for a very long time, but I know my money will be spent on these versions of the games! It also looks like a wide range of products will be available for us in 2013, the Power Rangers brand is spreading!

What do you think?
Will you buy the new Power Rangers-opoly or Trivial Pursuit? 

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