Morph Suit Review and Comments!

The kind people who direct the Power Force sent us a brand-new Mighty Morphin’ Morph Suit!
We had a choice of the original 5 MMPR Rangers, sadly there was no Green or he would have been my first choice; I chose the Blue Ranger because, well, he’s totally awesome and I look good in blue! LOL

Here is an image of the packaging (taken from my buddy LavenderRanger who got the same color suit as me). The Suits are officially licensed by Saban Brands and contain the MMPR logo and a “Celebrating 20 Years” logo I had never seen before.

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I never realized before how skin tight spandex can be when pressed against you! It actually slimmed me down quite a bit and sucked me in! It took a little maneuvering to get into it and I wasn’t able to zip it up or put the hood over my head because I was alone at the time! It looks lit it’s a two man job!

This is what the suit would look like had I completely put it over my head. The packaging claims that you can see, breathe and drink through the mask but I gotta tell you that even before the head piece was zipped I was having a hard time breathing, but it might just be that the spandex was just a tad tight.

The feet and gloves part were my favorite because they fit really well. Plus I love the MMPR diamond design a WHOLE LOT!
The Suits come in Small (Shorter than 5’0″), Medium (Smaller than 5’4″), Large (5’4″-5’10”), XL (5’10”-6’3″) and XXL (Over 6’3″) and retail on the Morph Suit Website for $64.95 with FREE Shipping! 

Having never put on a Morph Suit before and having not been a fan before I received one, I have to say that they are really fun to put on. The head piece could use a little work, I don’t think it’s as breathable as they say but it could just be me and my own lungs. The Power Morpher section of the suit is pretty cool and fits just at your waist where it should be and the arms and feet look great to me!
Like I said, I wish there had been a Green or even White Ranger but those are the breaks. I found it interesting what my other Power Force members chose because most of them chose Blue or Red. I didn’t see any Pink or Yellows chosen, although I believe we only have 1 Female Member.

Final Score: 8/10

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