Comparing the 3 T-Rex Helmets, Suits & Mecha!

The T-Rex is the King of Dinosaurs and for the past few decades or so there have been, and will be, 3 Different Power Rangers/Super Sentai based on Dinosaurs. Each of the Red Rangers are based on this King yet they must have some sort of differences to them, right? Let’s take a look at all 3 od them; their Helmets, their Suits and their Zords/Mecha!

The Original Mighty Morphin’ ( the 16th Super Sentai Zyuranger) and the Tyrannosaurus Helmet was the first of its kinda and was actually pretty elegant in its design. The teeth of the T-Rex served as its visor and the top served as the eyes and nose of the mighty dinosaur. It was simple and easily identifiable ans kids every knew the Red Ranger was the leader and commander of the Tyrannosaurus Dino Zord. After all Tyranno comes from Latin; the Greek word for tyrant. Which is perfect for a leader of the Power Rangers/Super Sentai.

The suit design of the original Red Ranger is very simple and is based on a diamond design that can be seen both in the center of his chest and on his boots and gloves.

This Zord’s design is a simple upright version of the T-Rex. This Zord made up the main body of the Dino Megazord as well as it’s face!

 Power Rangers Dino Thunder ( the 27th Super Sentai, Abaranger) also had a Dino motif and the leader was also a T-Rex! In this design the helmet was more subdued than its predecessor! The mouth was still the visor but the design for the head was vastly different from Zyuranger/MMPR and made it more shocking or in the context “thundery” . The eyes were beady and barely seen on the helmet. However, this helmet is utterly awesome because it is not only different from the original Tyranno helmet but it creates a trend for the entire season.

The suits for Dino Thunder/Abaranger are super similar the other suits from Mighty Morphin/Zyuranger and stick to the diamond motif which run along the arms and legs of each Ranger. An original item is the Dino Foot mark in the center of the suit!

Now this was a huge change in regards to the way T-Rex was represented in the Zord/Mecha world! Instead of upright and subdued this machine was a wild and uncontrolled version of the Dinosaur! It had a vicious mouth and it’s tail was a crazy drill! When he is within the Megazord combination he is again the main body and also creates the amazing drill arm that only the Thundersaurus can create!

The newest season of Super Sentai/????? also features a T-Rex inspired Red Ranger and Mecha! In Kyoryuger the T-Rex plays a little bit of a new role. The helmet seen above is massively different from the both MMPR/Zyuranger and Dino Thunder/Abaranger. The mouth of the T-Rex  takes over the entre helmet for the most part, yet the top resembles the MMPR/Zyuranger style.

Based on the design we have seen the Kyoryuger suits are pretty epic IMO. They hold the retro look of the yellow teeth in the middle of their design and have an awesome half-shield on their shoulders! However, the bottom’s design is lacking. There are no diamonds or nothing much else to support the suit. The best is the top half of the suit.

The T-Rex plays another part in them Mecha/Zords of our newest team and in this case it’s pretty standard!

The T-Rex also serves as the main body for this Mecha but also serves a a sort-of shield-like zord which is different from all other Zords. It does serve as the body but also as both shoulders! This is incredibly different from what we’ve already seen!

In conclusion, there are so many similarities between each of the T-Rex Zords/Mecha, the Zords and the Suits! The Diamond design is heavily prevalent in many of the designs. We also cannot escape from the huge mouth design of all the Helmets!

What other similarities do you see in the T-Rex Helmets?

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