FIRST LOOK at Logo and Suits for 37th Super Sentai: Kyoryuger

(thanks to Rising Sun Tokusatsu where I first found the images and news)

The Suits and Helmets were revealed for Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger along with some details on the themes of the show!
The Rangers are, as you know, a Dinosaur theme and include a Red, Black, Blue, Green and Pink Rangers. The Pink Ranger is the only Female Ranger in this team. When this show is made into Power Rangers it will be the first series where no Yellow Ranger is in the core team! Interesting, eh? The helmets are really cool looking and different from what we’ve seen before. Many people are stating that they look like a mixture of other Sentai along with the likenesses of the other Dino themed Sentai (Zyuranger & Abaranger)

I did notice that on the Red Ranger’s helmet the entire thing looks like a large T-Rex mouth and I think I can make out a shield he is wearing! However, in the second image he doesn’t seem to be wearing it but is sporting a smaller one shoulder armor. The other Rangers helmets seem to follow the same design, but personally I can’t make out what Dino represents each color. Doesn’t the Pink Ranger look eerily like GokaiPink? I also noticed that the yellow teeth design on their chests is a little off putting at first, but I like it because it’s different and builds upon the Dino themes we have already seen in past Sentai.

Here is the awesome new logo above.

The Henshin Device is based off of a Battery motif, called JyuDenchi, that are charged up with Dino Soul Power. The Henshin Device is called the GabRevolver> The Dinos are as follows:

Red – Gabutyra (T-Rex)
Black – Parasagan (Parasaurolophus)
Blue – Stegotchi (Stegosaurus)
Green – Zactor (Velociraptor)
Pink – Tricera (Triceratops)

Their main Robo has three parts made up of three of the Rangers’ Dinosaur Mecha. Gabutyra, Stegotchi and Tricera are used as the main body of the mecha and Parasagan and Zactor are used as interchangeable parts! The producers of the show have stated that this season will be more light-hearted  and fun with upbeat music during transformation scenes!

I will upload and blog about more images when clearer pictures become available.
What do you think of the new Sentai design? 


  1. I am a little disappointed that there is no yellow ranger but I will like to see it adapted into Power Rangers after Go-Busters adaptation.

  2. I want Yellow! :-( Otherwise, I’ll have to see these suits in HD because right now, I’m not amused…

  3. 1. Does your background image change now or when clearer images are released?

    2. So glad they’re back to helmets that befit Power Rangers. The Go-Busters ones really dont. I’m still confused as to how Samurai Red can see out of his when in normal mode

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