New Picture of the Megaforce Cast!


UPDATE 12/22/12: RangerCrew reports that Megaforce does not take place in Angel Grove and Past Ranger Appearances, if any, will not be as Substitute Teachers as rumored.

Power Force Holiday Gift - Megaforce at School

Exclusive look at the Megaforce Rangers sent to me from the Power Force!
Yes followers, it is another High School season and I personally like the idea of the story being a lot like MMPR!

More Images BELOW!



What do you think of the cast?


  1. The show hasn’t even premiered but I’m already crushing on Troy he is so cute^^ I agree definitely 1993 all over again~ go go megaforce~

  2. Black Ranger actor is a jackass. He made a Facebook status comparing adult PR fans to Pedophiles. He quickly deleted it afterwards, but doesn’t really take away that he still did it.

  3. Come on 2013! I want to watch Mega Force! And Nickelodeon, Don’t you dare hold back Mega Force episodes from the American fans, It is a Japanese T.V Show adapted for American viewers and you showed the Final episodes of Super Samurai to the American fans last don’t that this time.

  4. Adorable cast! They do need to make up their mind if its summer or winter… I’m seeing some discrepancies

    1. Btw even though she is Asian, Christina and Andrew look like they could be siblings. Considering they both have sky power…

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