Power Rangers Legends App Game Finally Available!

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After a long wait and a long past expectant date, the Power Rangers Legends App game has arrive (for the iOS, now word on when it will arrive for Android) and I have just played through the first few levels and I love it already! The app is available in the Apple App Store for .99cents!
Click Here to Access the App Store


The first playable character is Tommy as the Green Ranger (even though his yells are Jason’s voice) and the game prompts you to begin the tutorial which I feel was super necessary! The game is swipe oriented in which you swipe in different directions to attack the enemy, push buttons to dodge and unleash cool special attacks and or block.


The Game’s story goes as follows:
“In the depths of space a mysterious evil force has disrupted the flow of time. It has assembled the greatest villains the Power Rangers have ever faced and send them to Earth!
The call went out and the greatest heroes of multiple generations band together to face this new threat!
Choose your Power Ranger and join the battle, only a legend can rise to victory and save humanity from a terrible fate!” 

Awesome! I am already pumped for what possibilities this game can have!


The game then goes through the tutorial and, like I said, it teaches you to swipe attack, block, parry, dodge and use your special attacks. After you have completed it to the tutorial’s satisfaction it allows you to begin the actual levels.


You may select your first Character which is the Green and Pink MMPR Ranger, but the Pink Ranger must be purchased for 100 Power Coins. Luckily, you are already supplied with a small amount of Power Coins; Enough to purchase her! On this menu you can also see the Bio, Combos and Special information on the Rangers.


The first 5 Level Episode is entitled “Lord Zedd” and it involves his minions and their attacks on the city. It also looks like that Master Xandred from Samurai and Trakeena from Lost Galaxy are coming up next!


Click the image above to find out Lord Zedd’s plan and how the putties and Goldar play a role in the battles you have coming up!


You go up against several Putties, one at a time, first they have one sword and then two. The battles get harder or easier depending on the Putty.
Again, I found it strange that Tommy’s yells are actually Jason’s yells which make no sense. For some reason the Putties have swords that resemble Uramasa from Samurai. Another thing, Go-Go Power Rangers (The Samurai Version, even saying “Samurai Forever”) plays during this battle even though it is all MMPR oriented. Strange, strange.


As you battle you gain levels which award you points in order to power up your character with Health, Attack or Block power!


I have to say I actually love the graphics in this game so far. My favorite parts are the Super Attacks the Green Ranger has which reminds me of when he was evil and used a fiery green ball! I haven’t been able to use Kimberly yet, but expect Tweet and Tumblr screen shots in the future!
So follow us!


Now this little jerk! This is where I got stuck! Somehow the Putties now have flaming swords for some reason LOL. I didn’t get past this guy because I suck at swipe games for the most part, but I hope to play again soon!

My Recommendation:

This game has so much potential when it comes to the levels they will add, the Rangers you can use and much much more!
For .99cents it seems like a good deal, but with every App Game you can make the game much better by purchasing Power Coins and other items to gain better attacks or playable characters. That seems to be a downside as well because apparently you might get tired of purchasing and only go so far in the game. But if you are on your phone a lot and love App Games, especially Power Rangers games, I would definitely give the game a try! At worst, what do you lose? A buck? It’s totally worth it!

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