Top 12 Most Epic Power Rangers Events in 2012!


2012 was a huge year for Power Rangers fans! When it comes to the speculation and anticipation following the reveal of Megaforce and the 20th Anniversary this was the best year to be a Power Rangers fan! 2013 is shaping up to be even better, but let’s take a look back at the biggest and awesome events in Power Rangers 19th Year; 2012!

Vortexx added to the CW Lineup!


In July of 2012 Saban Brands announced a new Kid’s Lineup on the CW to the vast excitement of fans everywhere!
The most important part? Vortexx would also feature Power Rangers Lost Galaxy!
This lineup also made us wonder if in 2014, when Saban’s agreement with Nickelodeon is up, would Power Rangers be moving to the CW eventually? One can wonder, but right now that is a PURE rumor.

Power Rangers Surpasses Star Trek in Episode Counts


Power Rangers made Sci-Fi History in 2012 when it surpassed the Mega-Series “Star Trek” in Episode Count!
Super Samurai is now over and Power Rangers’ total episode count is at 745.
(Plus with Megaforce coming in 2013, we are slated to add another 45 episodes to that roster!)
This places Power Rangers in 2nd Place in Sci-Fi History being beaten out only by Doctor Who!

Lauren, Female Red Ranger


Whether you are on Team Charlie or Team Lauren, you have to admit that this moment was extremely influential to not only the Power Rangers Nation but to the show itself. In 2005 during Power Rangers SPD when we got our first glimpse into the idea of a Female Red Ranger, many of us felt a little shafted because Charlie not only did not get an original suit but she was pure evil as well.
Our prayers were answered when Saban adapted Shinkenger correctly to include an actual Female Leader complete with skirt and all!
Not to mention, I absolutely loved Kim Crossman’s performance as Lauren. Now all we need to see is a Female Red lead the team for the entire season! Girl Power!#9
Power Force


July was a big month for Power Rangers fans when Saban Brands announced the creation of an elite group of Ranger Fans selected to be consulted on anything 20th Anniversary and PR Merchandise! I jumped at the chance to join Power Force the moment I heard about it. Being accepted had to have been one of the best moments in 2012 for me! Being recognized by the creators of Power Rangers came with such validation for me that my blog, social networks and YouTube videos were not for nothing! Not to mention I got to meet the Samurai Cast at Power Morphicon in a more personal setting! (Plus the swag was not too shabby either)
I am so proud to be apart of this group, having met most of them, and all the perks that comes with the title!

20th Anniversary Logo


We got our first look at the Official Power Rangers 20th Anniversary Logo in February at Toy Fair!
I honestly am immensely happy with the logo that was chosen for the Anniversary. It has the classic bolt and lettering similar to the older logos as well as current logos. The 20 at the bottom finishes off the logo and makes it all the more epic. I can’t tell you how long the logo was my desktop wallpaper!
I loved that all the former Red Rangers gathered with Megaforce Red in the eyes of the original Red Ranger! EPIC! A lot of people wondered why the White Ranger was even in the Red Ranger tribute, but let’s hope that complaint has died.

Bandai Exclusives


For both Comic-Con 2012 and Power Morphicon 3, Bandai released exclusive figure sets! Each of the sets were a little pricey but Power Ranger Fans all over the country were dying to get their hands on them! Each set was completely painted, in metallic-like paint, and came with something that had never been released before.
The Comic-Con set came with a Super Mega Gold Ranger which had never been released and was never seen on the show! This set of 6 also came with the Megazord podiums each Mega Ranger stands behind in the show!
For Power Morphicon 3 the set of two figures came with a new styled Mooger and the Red Ranger in Shark Attack Mode! Both unreleased to the general public!
I have both of these sets, having purchased both at Power Morphicon 3, and I absolutely love them!

Megaforce Name and Logo Revealed!


The name Power Rangers Megaforce had been rumored for quite some time, but it wasn’t until June of 2012 when an article from Retail-Merchandiser spilled the official name!
Later that month the official logo was revealed and at first it seemed that the fans were far from pleased about either the name or the logo.
I must admit that the name and logo were anti-climactic, however the name has grown on me and my excitement for the show grows with each new piece of news, toy or advertisement!

MMPR Figuarts and Super Robo Chogokin Megazord


Two of the most anticipated items being released to celebrate the 20th Anniversary are right here! Figuarts of the MMPR Red and Green Rangers are slated to be released by Tamashii Nations. The Super Robo Chogokin Megazord has already released and is fantastic for the Ranger Collector!
When it comes to the Figuarts, I cannot wait to see if the entire team will be released; because if they are I want them!

NOH8 Rangers


Ranger Actors have been participating in the NOH8 photo project for years, but it wasn’t until 2012 when this large of a group was gathered to appear in a photo spread all together! We first got word in September as many of the Rangers posted pics on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but it wasn’t until December that we got to see the finished product! This is by far one of the most EPIC moments not only in 2012 but in Power Rangers’ 20 Year History!
For a list of the Rangers in the picture click here

700+ Episodes of Power Rangers Released on DVD by Shout! Factory



In March it was announced that Shout! Factory would be releasing the 700+ Library of Pre-Samurai Episodes on DVD for the first time ever as a box set!
Ranger Fans the world over could not wait to get their hands on the classic episodes of our childhoods and all the bonus features including never before seen extras and new interviews made special for the set!
In August, the first of the sets was a box set of the entire MMPR Series, the second was the 4th Season (Zeo) through the 7th Season (Lost Galaxy)!
There is no word yet on when Lightspeed Rescue – RPM will be released but I am certain/predicting that we will see a new box set in 2013!
Have you gotten yours yet? If not, click the links below our banner for ordering info!

Retro Power Morpher Announced


During Comic-Con and Power Morphicon we got our first ideas what was to be released in 2013 for the 20th Anniversary, it wasn’t until this image was released via PMC that the buzz began to fester! Not only will a replica of the original Power Morpher be released but the coins are now silver, it does come complete with lights and sounds AND it is to be made of die-cast! Higher Quality than the original released in 1993!
This is THE most anticipated toy of 2013 for all Ranger Fans, in my book anyways!

Reveal of Megaforce Cast and Trailer:

Power Morphicon 3


Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the feelz taking place at Power Morphicon for me and for everyone there.
The actors, the panels, the TOYS and of course the friends and comrades!
But there was nothing more amazing than Day 2 at the Saban Brands Panel when not only were we shown the first Megaforce trailer, but the cast themselves made an appearance! Nothing can describe the electricity in the room coming off of the trailer and onto the reveal of the new cast. The entire room flooded with people holding up their phones, flashes going off, screams for the actors and cheers from the entire room!

To see the first trailer: Click Here
To see the Megaforce Rangers appearance: Click Here
Via RangerCrew

Final Thoughts:
2012, WOW, what a year it has been! So many new pieces of fandom introduced! We have a 20th Anniversary, Megaforce, Retro Toys, New Toys, DVD and Blu-Ray Releases, Conventions and Power Force!
I can only hope that 2013 will be just as MEGA and full of surprises for us all!

What was your favorite moment of 2012?


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