Megaforce Promo Arrives & My Thoughts!

megaforceWatch the clip above thanks to PRSamuraiCast/RangerCrew for capturing the video from Nickelodeon’s Site.


Click here for Teaser #3 which is only slightly different that 1 & 2 and shorter.


Teaser #2: Shorter TV Version

This version aired on Nickelodeon on Saturday and is a bit shorter. Some of the scenes are spliced together and the Rangers say “Go-Go Megaforce” instead of the classic “It’s Morphin’ Time!”
I wonder which will be used!

Teaser #1

It’s finally here! We waited, a little impatiently but still, and here it is!

Some key moments in the promo to analyze and remember:
– The Warstar Aliens invade in which appears to be stock foottage but we do get to hear Vrak’s wicked voice!
– Emma has a camera and Jake has a volleyball
– Gosei’s voice is similar to Zordon’s
– The Ranger “Keys” or “Figures” appear to be plentiful in the Command Center
– It appears that the Morphin’ Call is the Classic “It’s Morphin’ Time!” while the shorter TV promo uses “Go Go Megaforce!”
– The Rangers use the same poses as the Goseiger
– Earth’s Defenders, Never Surrender is in play!
– Land, Sea and Air play a part of the powers and Zords
–  Inside the Gosei Great Megazord the Rangers say, “Mega Strike!”
– It appears the cockpit of the Gosei Great Megazord has stayed the same!
– The promo used a splice of the Power Rangers Samurai theme and at the end what sounded like the new Megaforce theme!

My thoughts:
I am pretty impressed. The series seems to follow Mighty Morphin’ in a way that Samurai/Super Samurai never could. The cast looks phenomenal and appears to actually have depth, or from the images of them anyways.
Gosei seems to sound like Zordon and from this, I want to know why! The Command Center looks pretty cool with the rotating fans and the Ranger figurines! I can’t wait to see the first few scenes in two weeks!
When the Rangers morph they use the same arm motions as the Goseiger and I actually like this. At first watch it was a little off putting that the Rangers use “It’s Morphin’ Time” but once I got used to it I liked it a lot more, This is the 20th Anniversary after all!. This was changed for the shorter TV version which has them using Go Go Megaforce!” hmmm strange….
I actually like that we got a tiny glimpse into the Rangers’ lives. Jake had a volleyball and Emma had a camera, which gives them a bit more depth. While Troy and Gia just look like badasses and Noah appears to be the smart one (Like Billy), which we already knew.
In this video we got to hear a tiny bit of the theme which was mixed in with the Samurai/Super Samurai theme, but if you listen to the back end of the promo the Megaforce theme peeks out. So far, sounds good!
There’s not a lot more we can tell from this promo, it was merely a tidbit as to what we can expect. While I also expect that the dubbing will sound a lot better in the final product, it did sound a little weird in the promo. I cannot wait until this show comes out!
Let the WarStar invasion begin!

What did you think?
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  1. Sorry if I killed the excitement here; I’m just as excited as the rest of you – the Zordon soundalike (if it really does sound like him), the morphing call, the high school setting, everything.

  2. Oh, and in my first comment, when I said “they,” I meant to say Nick, which ironically lives to underpromote some of their shows on-air, Power Rangers included, while other shows like SpongeBob, House of Anubis, etc., get completely different treatment, similar to Disney’s treatment of the franchise almost a decade ago. Also, according to PROAC, 1pm is still kids-TV exile. And, according to Henshin Grid, Nick has launched their Megaforce section. And, there’s a list of the first 20 episodes (spoilers) on HG, JEFusion, and Henshin Justice Unlimited. On HG, the episode summaries also have images of the monsters (spoilers also). The first two episodes are confirmed to air on the 2nd and the 9th of Feb. Hopefully, more airdates will be announced, and hopefully, it won’t get the same treatment Samurai/Super Samurai has gotten from Nick, especially on PR’s 20th anniversary.

  3. Forgive me if this is giving some away, but the promo which came before these ones had Rangers that were never adapted for Power Rangers in the first place. One day, we’ll find out if they’ll be kept or omitted altogether.

  4. Strange that Saban just removed Lost Galaxy from its Vortexx lineup, and considering what Nick put Samurai and Super Samurai through, I’m surprised they’re even promoting this season in the first place. How much promotion, we’ll see. On Power Rangers On-Air Central, there’s another promo below this one.

  5. I confess I cringed when watching the first teaser. Hear them speak “it’s morphin time” was awesome! LOL nerd’s had orgasms. Well, now is wait and see how that will be the development of Mega Force. Great post, friend! (Forgive the mistakes, I am Brazilian and I used the google translator to get you interact with the blog / site).

  6. Megaforce is gonna be LEGENDARY! I hope Tommy and Jason make a cameo along with the other Rangers of the past and present.

  7. I am really Looking forward to watching Megaforce more than ever now! Like it Said in the Promo It’s Morphin Time!

  8. It wasnt just at the end where the Megaforce elements were evident in this version of Go Go Power Rangers is heard. About 30-35 seconds in, the line where “Rangers Together, Samurai Forever” once stood has been replaced by either the Megaforce mantra or “Go Go Power Rangers, you Megaforce Rangers”. The former is likelier, but still there was work done

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