3 New Megaforce Clips AND the LEGEND WAR!

episode clips

Thanks to RangerCrew and PRSamuraiCast we get to see three new clips from Power Rangers Megaforce!
It’s only 4 Days Away and here are the AMAZING Clips!

 Troy wakes up after a MEGA dream!

The Rangers summon their Power Weapons

The Rangers meet Tensou

What do you think so far?


  1. Wow, the cast look great. command center remake it seems. My favorite ranger is troy. The way it seems. He just like me. A natural born leader.

  2. Legend War: I am surprised how well Saban edited around the Super Sentai warriors.
    Weapons: Why dose the Mega Force theme sound better the Samurai theme?
    Tensou: THEY CAN TELEPORT!! Ranger technology seems really inconstant, I hope Tensou gets an upgrade at some point but for now he looks okay.
    I can not wait to watch Megaforce.

  3. After watching these 3 Clips, I haven’t been this excited about Power Rangers in a very long time! I cant wait to Watch Megaforce! It Looks like it could be one of the best Power Ranger seasons Ever! Go Go Power Rangers Megaforce!

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