Legacy Power Morpher listed on Toys R Us Canada, slated for March!

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Legacy Power Morpher


UPDATED: TRU Canada has removed the pre-order page.

Thanks to TokuNation Forums for the news scoop!
It looks like the Legacy Power Morpher is finally upon us! The Toys R Us Canada website has listed the Morpher as a TRU exclusive and reveals that  “The Morpher comes with five Dino Coins, is priced at 49.99 and is expected to start shipping March 2nd, 2013 (although dates are subject to change).””




I know I can’t wait for this toy to come out!


    1. Late Thursday early Friday TrU us took it down inessential to update with the current Store Pickup only option. My zip 191xx in Philly, pa and 294xx Goose Creek, School show NO STOCK. Not sure if urz will show the same. Be advised that by calling each individual TrU you’ll get a more accurate result…

    1. Nevermind I see the update that TRU Canada took it down. If and when TRU decide to put it back up, PLEEZE share the link

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