New Hi-Res Images of Megaforce Cast Via RangerCrew


RangerCrew has graciously released some awesome and Beautiful HQ Images of the Megaforce Cast.
Check them out below and click the image for the HQ Version!
(images all courtesy of RangerCrew)

51RDUSuB64L._SL500_AA300_GoGo Megaforce!
(can you see the “Ranger Keys” in the background? hmmm)

group3Standing in front of Gosei
(Gosei seems to be a larger version of the Rangers’ morphers!)

group4At School!
(The Rangers chilling in the school hallways)

group5Rangers in the green
(Rangers looking badass in the lush scenery)

azim1Jake Hollings
(Still of Azim Rizk)

christina1Emma Goodall
(Still of Christina Masterson)

ciara1Gia Moran
(Still of Ciara Hanna)

group1The Rangers and Robo Knight


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