Power Rangers ACG Boosters and Decks Found!


andriod_ad(thanks to HenshinBryn for finding the products first, the info and images)

Power Rangers Boosters and Decks have been found at Wal-Mart for the New Card Game!  First of the set is called “Rise of Heroes” and was not tagged by Wal-Mart! The cards were next to the Pokemon and Magic Cards in the front of the store.

(Apologies for the quality as they were taken with an Iphone 4!)


Boosters are $3.98, Deck is $9.98


Booster has 10 cards, with 1 secret holograph insert card, here are the 5 Boosters opened:


Here is the front of  the ACG Deck Box


Starter set includes 40 cards, game mat, game manual, and 2 dice. The box did NOT include a set list for the cards included in the game.


The starter deck has two half deck of 20 cards
1 half deck is MegaForce themed, while the other is Samurai themed, here are the cards from each deck:
IMG_0051 IMG_0046
Both decks have a complete team of rangers. two different cards for each color
MegaForce is missing Robo Knight though. Here is the cover of Manual:

Here are the UPC codes: Booster Pack: 045557238407, Starter Deck: 045557238421

More Booster Details to come!

For Gameplay Instructions Go Here

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