Legacy Power Morpher: Review!


The Legacy Power Morpher is here! I finally was able to find one!
Click the video below to hear my review or just go below to see my thoughts and some images of the new awesome Legacy Toy!
The Power Morpher sells for $49.99


This is a shot of the Box the Legacy Power Morpher comes in. As you can see this toy is a Toys R Us exclusive and can be only found in their stores at this time! The box highlights the newer version of the MMPR Ranger helmets as well as the original MMPR logo. It is also sporting the new PR20 Logo!


The back showcases just what you are getting and advertises the new Morpher’s die-cast covering!


Inside even the plastic shows off the Morpher’s glory! Atop you get the solid black Morpher belt holder which can hold the Morpher on the front of your pants. Below that you can see the 5 die-cast Power Coins and the Morpher itself open.

image_3 image_4

Here is the front of the Morpher without and with a Power Coin. Without you can see the lights behind the clear plastic. In front you can see the familiar Power Rangers writing and the black darting, but let’s not forget this amazing die-cast metal finish!


The back is something knew, to my knowledge, from the original Power Morpher from 1993. This Morpher mirrors what is seen on not only MMPR but on Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, which is what MMPR is based on. Hence the Z. The Z here is used to released the Power Coin when it is pressed.
The Morpher also highlights each of the original MMPR Ranger colors! The on/off switch plays the Communicator Beep when slid into ON.
One button on the side does nothing while the other provides the released action to that unleashes lights and sound to Morph! When held down the lights and sound play the original MMPR theme song!


These are the 5 Dino Power Coins and they are also made of Die-Cast Metal.
What a change from the original Power Coins and I am so happy with these! The heaviness and the details make me so happy!
There is no Dragon Coin, folks. The Dragon Coin does not go with the Silver Power Morpher, the Gold Morpher goes with the Dragon and Tiger Coin.


Here is what the holster looks like when nothing is inside. image_8The Power Morpher can be placed in front face down or face up to showcase the coin or the Z on the back.
image_9The Z face up is more of a Zyuranger thing but I am  really happy that it was included in this Morpher!


The lights and sounds are one of many of the awesome additions to this Morpher, I love that it includes not only a morph sound, a communicator beep, but the theme song as well!

I feel like I have raved about only a few toys on this site. Well maybe not raved, but I can barely type out to you how awesome this toy is. Not only is it just a really cool toy but it brings back all the old FEELZ I had 20 years ago watching the show. I never had a Power Morpher as a kid and never had one until I bought this one today! I hadn’t felt this many MMPR retro goodness in quite some time and I am so glad that Bandai America decided to make this toy. Get out there and buy it if you remember or just plain love MMPR still to this day! I recommend highly!

Collectibility: 10/10
Quality: 10/10
Playability: 10/10
Retro Awesomeneess: 10/10


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