Many New Toys Revealed at New York Toy Fair 2013!

toys toys toys(Thanks to ToyArk, TokuNation and RangerBoard for many of the images)


Many, Many, Many New toy images were shared with us over social media yesterday and I thought I would share a few of them with you to get you excited to start buying later on this year. Many of the release dates are not known yet, but here are some of my favorites!
Read on because this article is MEGA image heavy!

** Action Figures **

_DSC4090Here are the Ultra Mode 4″ Figures from Megaforce. As expected there is some paint missing from what we will see in the show, but as I said this was expected. I actually like the way they look! I will definitely buy these!

_DSC4079The Basic Figures of the Megaforce Figures are totally getting Metallic versions and I am soooo happy about this! I love when figures go clear or go metallic! You can’t see Blue but he is in there!

_DSC4096Another thing I am MEGA excited for is it looks like some of our Classic Rangers are getting metallic figures as well. Here we can see the 4″ versions of the MMPR Red and White, but LOOK in the back you can see a 4″ Lost Galaxy Red Ranger! MAHH! All I can say is that I hope we get all of the Reds or at least a few more than this because I would want them all!

_DSC4117The new Gosei Ultimate Megazord is getting a “Retrofire” style figure just as the Gosei Great and Gosei Grand Megazords have!

_DSC4077The Mini or “Chibi” Rangers as we like to call them are also getting Megaforce Ultra Mode figures as well as a super cool Vrak figure!

_DSC4071Here are more of the “Chibi” figures that have or are set to release in the secret Figure Packs!

** Zords and Megazords **

_DSC4055 _DSC4056 _DSC4058The Gosei Ultimate Megazord is also going to be released and can go into three different forms!
Ship Mode, Command Center Mode (Which Can Combine with the Gosei Morpher) and Megazord Mode!
I will definitely add this to my collection and I can’t wait to see it on the show!

_DSC4053 DSC09155 DSC09157Three new cycles will be released as well with 5 new headers to add to the collection!

_DSC4049When you combine the Snake and Tiger Mechazords with the new Morphin Cycles you get the Gosei Wonder Megazord!
More Zords, YES!

DSC09151These cycles look like they will provide Headers for the Mega Blasters and Robo Knight Blaster


DSC09099Another mask will be released, this time it is of the Gosei Great Megazord helmet!

DSC09112DSC09137Here is the Power Rangers Deluxe Ultra Dragon Sword (Basic Above, Deluxe Below)! The center spins and the Deluxe can also be combined with the Gosei Morpher!

DSC09122Ultra Deluxe Battle Gear, which also has sounds!

DSC09109Ultra Mega Blaster

DSC09111Robo Knight Blaster!

**Action Card Game**

DSC09118DSC09079Many of the Older and Newer Ranger Cards from the ACG appeared! It looks like SPD will be included in the new series of cards coming in March!

bulkHey, how awesome is this? There’s gonna be a Bulk card!

** 20th Anniversary **

toyfairbandai20-120toyfairbandai20-119toyfairbandai20-139Here are a few images of the new Legacy Megazord! We get to see that the box art is very similar to that of the 1993 design and many of his parts and the Power Sword comes in metallic!

toyfairbandai20-109The Legacy Mask Collection comes with the first 6 MMPR helmets AND you can have them in regular or metallic.
I’m sure I don’t have to tell you which I want!

_DSC3547 _DSC3550Remember the Zyuranger/MMPR Figuarts we saw a preview of? Well here they are on display once again!
I hope these come out soon!

toyfairbandai20-124toyfairbandai20-126Tamashii Nations has released so many cool things!
It appears as if SPD Red and Super Samurai Red are coming soon!

toyfairbandai20-129We are also getting a Super Robo Chogokin Samurai Megazord/Samurai-oh and Delta Squad Megazord/DekaRobo!

WOW, so many new toys!
So, which are you going to buy?

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