Megaforce Episode 4 “Stranger Ranger” Episode Review



Another great episode from Megaforce with only a few tiny issues. This episode was all over the place and while it was amazing it took a lot of interesting turns that may or may not have fit. While this seemed to be a Troy episode the focus seemed to be more on the side of Jordan who got more character development than Troy has gotten in episodes preceding this one. Troy is still a mystery to me and I still am craving some sort of development from him. Yes, we got to see him take on Creepox in what was an epic first confrontation between them, but then he passes out in the Megazord and can’t seem to help the others. When does that ever happen? It almost made more sense in the Sentai than it did in Power Rangers. While I figured this seemed more of a Troy/Red Ranger episode we got the new Land Brothers Mechazords which took me by surprise. Let’s look at some of the story aspects and what went right and what went slightly wrong.


We open on another of Troy’s Mega dreams and get a little more footage from the Legend War. Troy wakes up in a sweat wondering why he is still having these strange dreams.


This week the WarStar calls upon Dragonflay, a super fast Insectoid, to attack the Rangers. Creepox is very pleased with his idea finally beating out Vrak for the plan of the week.


Back at Ernie’s Troy walks in and finds Emma who is helping Ernie with the recycling, she figures something is wrong and he explains about his strange dreams. However, they are interrupted by the loud boasting of another boy claiming he is the Red Ranger. His name is Jordan and he continues to wow the crowd with his fictitious tales of Ranger adventures.


Emma laughs at the faker and asks Troy if he plans to do anything. He just smiles and agrees to take the recycling out to the bins.


I didn’t quite get this next scene. I mean, I understood what it was meant to show but it was a little convoluted and random.
He walks into the dark alley and realizes that they need an edge over these monsters, but what?
When an empty cup falls on the ground he gets an idea.


Troy takes to the forest where he sets up hanging empty water jugs suspended from the trees. He blindfolds himself and begins to strike the jugs while he can’t see them. He has created a new training technique that will prove useful later.


Can I just point out how creepy this part of the episode was? I mean why do we need to see his eyes? Lucky for us, Andrew Gray has beautiful eyes but seeing them shooting from side to side for no apparent reason really weirded me out!


Back at Ernie’s the other Rangers arrive and listen with bated breath as Jordan continues to wow the crowd with his false stories. Jake doesn’t seem as amused as the others.


Meanwhile, the city is being attacked! Buildings being destroyed!


The Rangers are alerted by Tensou that there is a disturbance, Troy heads there but the others stick around for a moment to see exactly what Jordan will do when his followers alert him that there is a monster attack. Jordan looks petrified and reluctantly heads out to the scene.


Somehow…..Jordan arrives at the scene before the Rangers and confronts Dragonflay! But Dragonflay is having none of that and sends explosions his way knocking him down!


The other Rangers arrive just in time and Troy takes Jordan to safety, but Dragonflay soon shows off his amazing speed and slashes through each Ranger causing damage.


After Dragonflay lands a blow against Troy he realizes that he can sense the attacks before they land. With his Dragon Sword he focuses his energy into sensing him coming as he speeds around like a mad man.


Sensing the waves he makes in the wind, Troy lands a powerful strike against Dragonflay!


Jordan distracts the Rangers once more and gets another blast at him! When the Rangers attempt to counter Creepox stands in front of Dragonflay, striking each of the Rangers and introduces himself to the others.


Troy and Creepox go head to head arguing over what power the Human Race has. Creepox withdraws but vows to return when least expected.


The Rangers scold Jordan reminding him that it takes special powers and training to become a Ranger.
Jake tells him to go home, but you just know that this isn’t over just yet.


The Rangers head back into the forest and begin the blind training together.
However, their training is interrupted when they sensed someone coming towards them.


The Rangers quickly morph and find Jordan before he could see them unmorphed. Again, he gets scolded for following them!
The Rangers decide to give him a preview of just what they do to train and offer him a chance to try, but Jordan fails miserably.


Jordan gets down on himself and realizes he is no hero. The Rangers reveal that sometimes they don’t feel like heroes either and Emma suggests that it may be best just to be himself.


The Rangers head out after Gosei sends them a notice of a monster attack and leave Jordan to himself.
When they arrive they find Dragonflay beginning to attack again and as Troy attempts to sense him and attack, Creepox steps in and stops him!


Troy and Creepox fight sword to claw in their first epic battle!
Once more they argue over who is the more powerful race, Humans or Insects?
Troy bests Creepox with his Dragon Sword and Creepox retreats.


The other Rangers have mastered sensing DragonFlay before he can attack and to finish him off Noah pulls out the Sea Brothers cards.
The Saw Shark, Hammer Head and Manta all attach to their Mega Blasters!


Combined with Shark as well they provide a power Sea Blast and end the first part of Dragonflay


Dragonflay grows, Troy is exhausted and the Rangers call upon the Mechazords and create Gosei Great Megazord!


Troy becomes too tired to continue with the Megazord battle and decides to pass out in the cockpit for some reason, so Jake and Gia decide to take over and work the legs of the Megazord even harder to chase down the running Dragonflay.


With the extra power given to the legs of the Megazord they seem to catch up just a little and send the heads of the  Snake Zord to trip up Dragonflay. The Rangers keep getting so close but can never get close enough, Jake and Gia keep pushing the Zords to the limit and just when all seemed lost a new power unveils itself!


Their determination activated the unlock of the Land Brothers Mechazords!


Jake and Gia call upon the Rhino, Beetle and Dino Mechazords and combine them with the Megazord.


With the Land Megazord the Rangers have access to much larger speed! With this they take down Dragonflay!
After using a Beetle Headbutt and a Dino Kick the Rangers ready their Victory Charge!


The Rangers use the Land Strike which is a pretty awesome drill kick utilizing the Rhino Mechazord!


With that, the Land Megazord is victorious!


Back at Ernie’s everyone runs up to congratulate Jordan where he finally reveals that he was not a real Ranger at all. He had been lying the entire time and as he came clean each and every person walked away and left him all alone.


Jordan returns to the bar and meets Troy who offers kudos on his courage to come clean.
Jordan thinks they’ve met before, but Troy introduces himself.
Jordan decides to change for the better, thanks to the Red Ranger.
Strangely, Ernie flings a cup into the air on accident and Jordan uses his skills to catch it just in time, thanks to a Friend.

Final Thoughts


Another great entry into the series so far and I still think this is a vast improvement on the story-lines and acting of Samurai/Super Samurai.
The confrontation with Creepox and Troy was pretty epic and I can’t wait to see their final battle when it arrives.
I actually enjoyed Jordan’s role in this episode, even though at times he could be a little annoying he rather redeemed himself in the end and could end up being an ally to the Rangers in the future. No. I do not believe he will become GokaiSilver in season two, that is just super unrealistic to even bother commenting on, yet here I am.
The introduction of the Sea Brothers in use with the Mega Blaster was so cool and the attack made it even more interesting. I love this sort of footage being used and the way it was handled seemed perfect for not only what was used in Goseiger but in Power Rangers as well!
I love how quickly we are keeping the action in this series! We get something new each episode and I can’t get enough of that! The Land Brothers are just too cool even though they were given generic names. That fact was vastly made up for with the Land Strike finisher! So cool! It must remind some people of Kamen Rider Fourze, but remember Goseiger came first!
Now, this was supposed to be a Troy centered episode. Finally. It was and it wasn’t. Jordan got a lot more screen time than Troy did and his character was shown more realness then we have seen from Troy in the past 4 episodes. I really am going to need more from Troy, it is starting to wear a bit thin.  While I do enjoy when he is in a scene, and I do agree he has many attributes that make a Red, but I just want more! I know we have 18 more left in season 1 but I am craving more Troy!
In regards to WarStar they need to be more menacing. I see no threat from Malkor. But I do love Vrak and Creepox! The MOTW are pretty decent as well and Dragonflay was a worthy adversary!

Episode Scores

Story: 8/10
Action: 8/10
Monster: 8/10
All Together: 8.5/10

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