20 Years of Red Rangers Appear Around NYC!



The Red Rangers of the Past 20 Years in town for Toy Fair 2013 in New York stopped at locations all around the city for photo ops and to celebrate   Saban Brand’s MEGA Monday! Follow the Official Power Rangers Instagram for more images like these!
Here are all of the pictures for ya!

73449_480315952015671_888049602_nStrike a Pose!

427254_480394608674472_1191416276_nThese Rangers mean Business!

487894_480283928685540_325892747_nAnother view of The Red Ranger Bus!

382189_215897971882058_1539592155_nPhoto Op!

Red Ranger Swag!

526889_480351852012081_1227616286_nThey really heart New York!

537958_480302035350396_1811872966_nWith Big Red!

579710_344712872308176_956027895_nRed Rangers outside the Empire State Building!

BC2JKJrCMAAm7SCA glimpse of the new Power Rangers Monopoly, and it’s signed by Haim Saban!

sassyEven Rangers wait in line for tickets!

starbucksStarbucks, Drink of Choice for Red Rangers!

stockRed Rangers in Ties!

subwayRed Rangers on the Subway

tumblr_mi2hbdI6Xb1qczf6zo1_1280Kawaii Reds!

tumblr_mi2ku1e9b91s2ywvro1_500A little rain never hurt a Ranger!

What? It gets rainy in Mariner Bay!

BC102oxCUAAGrQdTimes Square – Jayden has to check in with Ji

bballShootin Hoops with Fans & J.R. Smith of the NY Knicks!

huddleHuddle Up Rangers

pizzaIt’s MEGA Pizza Time!

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