Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters: Mission 49-50 Reviews


“Let’s…Morphin”. Enter transforms into Dark Buster. As the name suggests, an evil version of the Go-Busters – and he can replicate all of their powers. I have to say, he is pretty badass. It’s sort of a shame that this form has only been introduced now with only two episodes left. During the fight, Enter reveals that he merely didn’t have enough data to beat them before this, but now, he’s invincible (Apparently, anyway. Villains always say that!). The Go-Busters are badly beaten, and Dark Buster disappears.

The Go-Busters and Buddyroids reconvene elsewhere and it seems all hope is lost. He continually revives. There’s no way of beating him. Out of nowhere, Ryuuji goes to punch Hiromu full-force in the face, but he stops just inches away. Ryuuji questions him about going out alone in the previous episode. Hiromu simply wanted to destroy the card without causing trouble for the others…and suicide seemed like the only option. Ryuuji reminds him of when they shut down Messiah along with their families, and he doesn’t want all that to go waste – if Hiromu needed to be eliminated, Ryuuji would do it himself. Yoko also steps in, proclaiming that she hasn’t given up either. The Buddyroids step in too – all except for Jin and J. Everyone’s tearing up. It’s uplifting.

Meanwhile, at an Enetron tank, Enter wraps his vines around the tank and it transforms into a nest-y thing. The Go-Busters are soon alerted to this rapid drainage of Enetron and are soon dispatched…except for Jin. He stays back and reveals to Kurorin that he knows of a way to remove the card from Hiromu – it involves his missing data. All of Enter’s data is backed up, and his missing data is with Enter…and he wants to do…something. I don’t quite know how to explain it. So yeah. Basically, it means that both Jin and Enter will die in the process.

The Go-Busters enter the Enetron facility and find workers entangled in wires and robotics. They also find children, scared, and huddled together. Hiromu is particularly enraged and the Busters soon rescue the kids from a group of Buglers. They’re given the command to go to Jin’s hangar…in the SUBDIMENSION. They decide to take Enter with them. Morishita kicks off though, reminding them that the subdimension is unstable – they subdimension could be destroyed if a battle breaks out and they wouldn’t be able to return! The Busters are aware of this, but they’re willing to go anyway. The Buster Machines are deployed, and Hiromu promises the children that their parents will be restored – FLASHBACK TIME, to the young Hiromu, Ryuuji and Yoko without their parents.

Go-Buster Oh and Buster Hercules face Enter’s Megazord, formed from that cocoon-nesty-thing. The Busters lure Enter into J’s hangar. Once all three Megazords are inside, all hell breaks loose! Sparks are flying, explosions are erupting, beams are falling, and the command centre is ripped to shreds! Kurorin calls for an evacuation, but Morishita and Nakamura remain loyal and continue to do their duties. EVERYTHING IS KICKING OFF. And then, the transport in complete. It’s calm. But Kurorin can’t help but wonder if history is repeating itself.

The Megazords have crash landed in the deteriorating subdimension. The Busters lay unconscious in their cockpits. TO BE CONTINUED…

This episode was such an awesome episode to lead into the final mission. The final 5 minutes in particular were just crazy. I can’t even formulate words right now. SO GOOD. 5/5.


The Go-Busters, now conscious, escape their Megazords and regroup – Hiromu and Yoko; and Ryuuji, Jin and J. The subdimension looks surprisingly normal compared to the red-tint we’ve seen before…well, I say normal, there are actually cracks in the sky. It’s not long before Enter arrives and morphs once again to fight Hiromu and Yoko. Ryuuji eventually joins them while Jin and J go to Jin’s hangar.

The Busters and Buddyroids run to Jin’s hangar where they find Jin, standing next to his body in stasis. Jin quickly explains the plan – Hiromu’s backup card will be transferred into Jin’s body. The data on that card will want to merge with Jin because of the missing data. Jin makes it seem like everything will be okay, but J reveals that this will only cause Jin to be split apart! Jin’s frail body just won’t be able to handle all of that data in one go. Everyone else doesn’t want to let him do this, but Jin is determined, since it’s the only way. They go to leave and find another way, but Jin kicks off; telling them that this is no time to be indecisive.

At that point, Enter arrives, followed by an ARMY of Buglers. But the Busters are more concerned about Jin at this point. Everyone is tearing up, and they eventually agree to go ahead with the plan, for the sake of the world. Everyone except for Jin and Hiromu run into battle. Instead, Hiromu stands in a glass chamber where he’s temporarily turned into data. Data and sparks fly around everywhere. No one can be sure what’s going on. Eventually, Jin’s sleeping body explodes into data, and the backup card is shattered. Avatar Jin is still here though, and he remarks that he’s glad to have had an extra 13 years to live. He still has some time though, not a lot, but some.

At the battle, Enter begins to lose strength and he’s knocked outside where he’s forcibly demorphed.  The Busters and Buddyroids face Enter (complete with dramatic explosions behind them as they approach him). Enter is informed of the backup card destruction, but he claims he still can’t be defeated. Enter transforms into his other form and jumps into his Megazord. The Go-Busters follow and the Megazords take quite a beating. Eventually, Enter’s Megazord is destroyed by a stab to the chest from Ace and combined attacks from Go-Buster King and Hercules.

The battle continues on the ground however, complete with a suitless (sort of) roll call. It’s awesome. The whole battle is awesome. It seems that Enter is going down, but wait. PLOT TWIST. Ryuuji’s helmet is smashed to pieces! And then Yoko’s! And then Hiromu’s! All of the Busters are on their last legs at this point. Hiromu gathers the strength to take on Enter alone, but Enter stabs him in the shoulder. Enter points out that while they’re more advanced than regular humans, they’re still imperfect. Hiromu retorts though, saying that it’s these imperfections that make them human.

Hiromu activates his Volcanic Attack, and is joined by the other Busters. Enter also activates his duplicate Volcanic Attack. It’s a Volcanic Attack-off. The two infernos crash into each other…and Enter is destroyed. Jin disappears. The Go-Busters fall to the floor in exhaustion. The subdimension collapses around them. The Go-Busters show no fear. No regrets. Suddenly, Jin and Hiromu’s father appear in apparitions, telling them it’s too soon for them to die.

Back in the real world, the cocoons have been shut down, the workers have been freed, and all is good again. Except that Nakamura can’t see any incoming transports. Are they dead? NOPE. Suddenly, a transmission is heard – they’re on their way back. As the crew get up to leave, Kurorin sees Jin sat in the corner, smiling…and then he fades away.


The EMC crew meet the Busters and Buddyroids on an airfield – the same airfield seen in the opening and ending! LINKS! They hug and whatnot.

Yoko attends a school opening ceremony.

Ryuuji now works as an engineer.

Nick, Hiromu and Rika bake cakes together.

But J just sits alone in the forest, with a single black Jenga piece around his neck.

The Busters, Buddyroids and EMC crew all meet again at the school opening ceremony.

Nick and Hiromu overlook a sunset, and soon set off on a new adventure.


5/5 off the bat. I really enjoyed this episode and overall thought it was a good conclusion. BUT, I did feel that there should’ve been a scene where the Go-Busters mourn Jin. They didn’t really seem to acknowledge that he died. Ah well.

I really liked Go-Busters overall. There were some ups and some downs, but it definitely picked up building up the finale over the past few episodes. I didn’t think I’d miss the characters, but I actually might. Especially Beet J Stag and Gorisaki. I love them, so much!

I don’t really have anything else to say. Except for…