Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters: Missioon 45-46 Reviews


The show opens in the usual New Year-way. The cast in kimonos (I think they’re kimonos anyway), directly addressing the audience…the usual. It just changes when they find out that Hiromu didn’t wish for anything this year! Hiromu says that you should work on getting things, and not rely on God. That makes sense. ALARMS!

The Go-Busters find some Buglers doing something with an iPad and it doesn’t take long for them to be scrapped. Unbeknown to the Busters though, two Buglers have survived and watch the Go-Busters leave. Suspicious. They return to the EMC, well, except for Hiromu – He meets his sister (Remember her?) and Nick elsewhere. Rika quickly hands over some presents and then walks off. She has somewhere to be apparently. I love how Nick is more concerned than Hiromu here. She has ‘business’ and a ‘real fight’. A ‘real fight’? That’s some strange terminology if you’re not actually fighting there, Rika.

At the EMC, Yoko notices Gorisaki dragging Ryuuji outside in a suit, saying that he’s got a ‘real fight’. Curious. Yoko finds a picture of a bride in that room. Even curious-er. Nick and Hiromu return to the EMC where Yoko is discussing the picture with everyone else. Yoko suspects that it’s a marriage interview. Oh yes, it’s the marriage interview episode of the year! Jin mentions that if it goes well, Yoko will have an older sister…sort of! Of course, Nick assumes that Rika has a marriage interview too!

Elsewhere, Gorisaki introduces Ryuuji to his ‘bride-to-be’, Satou Rena. Gorisaki goes to leave but Ryuuji pulls him to the side, confused by this whole situation. Gorisaki reveals that he set up this marriage interview because it’s ‘about time for him’. Ryuuji refuses to go along with this…well, until Gorisaki mentions that it would be rude to leave now. Thinking about it, this must be such a weird situation for Rena – being introduced to a guy by a blue humanoid gorilla. Are civilians in this world just accustomed to robots and whatnot?

The interview goes ahead and Ryuuji tries to work his way around revealing his Go-Busters job. He goes with system engineer (security against viruses…sort of…yeah). Also, Ryuuji is adorable here.  I want a Ryuuji in my life. Sometime later, this is still going on and Ryuuji is downing the drinks (I assume it’s not alcohol…this is a kids show. Although, Umeko did get drunk in Dekaranger…and there was Retsu in Gekiranger, so maybe).  Jin, J and Yoko watch from the other side of the restaurant in the best disguises ever. J IS WEARING LIPSTICK AND A WIG WHAT EVEN. Next to them is Hiromu in an old man’s diguise, watching Rika in her interview. Wow, these people are a bunch of creepers. Hiromu and Yoko wonder what to do about the situation, but Jin says that they should just be supportive after all this time they’ve spent together. They agree, and Hiromu calls the EMC and tells them to not contact Ryuuji if the Vaglass attack.

At a shrine, those two Buglers are stumbling around with their iPad. They fight over it and accidently drop it on a food cart. The thing that makes Metaroids (I have no idea what to call it) then infects a piece of omochi! The EMC are alerted and while the Go-Busters run out, Ryuuji just happens to (finally) notice them. He manages to drag Hiromu and Yoko into staying with him for a bit…until Hiromu uses the bathroom excuse. Back at the shrine, Jin and J quickly defeat the Buglers, and Omochiroid watches from the cart…oh yeah, Omochiroid is a new version of Keshigomuroid (the eraser). AMAZING. He fires some mochi at the two Busters and their feet are glued to the ground…sure. Hiromu arrives, expecting a Metaroid…but nothing. After a while, Yoko arrives at the scene and Hiromu returns to the marriage interview…place.

Ryuuji introduces Hiromu to Rena and in an attempt to big Ryuuji up, Hiromu just ends up digging a hole – “Despite his age, he’s been really unsteady”. Thanks for that, Hiromu. In the lobby, Omochiroid has appeared, and from the restaurant area, screams are heard. Hiromu immediately runs out, but forces Ryuuji to stay where he is. Hiromu finds that everyone’s feet have been mochi’d, just like Jin and J. And then Hiromu gets mochi’d! And to add to this chaos, Jin and J have been sent out to fight a Megazord!

Hiromu returns to the table, claiming everything’s fine; but Ryuuji notices that Hiromu’s shoes are missing. Apparently they ‘slipped off on the stairs’. Ryuuji goes the toilet, Rika spots Hiromu, A loud bang and shaking occurs, Hiromu runs into the hallway. Wow, there’s so much happening here. SO MUCH. Basically, Hiromu asks Jin to be quieter in his Megazord, which I just found hilarious. J takes the opportunity to tell Hiromu that he saw a mochi-sized Metaroid hitching a ride on his back, so Hiromu begins the almost-impossible search. Ryuuji, on his way back from the bathroom, notices Hiromu fumbling around with some curtains. Ryuuji asks if he heard anything strange, but Hiromu just covers it up by claiming it was his sneeze….and then he stumbles away to a bathroom. I love you, Hiromu. Ryuuji suspects something though.

At the EMC, Nakamura wonders where Ryuuji and Gorisaki are. Morishita is in on this whole thing though and assures the crew that they’re on their way…and then he rejects a call from Ryuuji. Hiromu and Yoko run to the kitchen after hearing some screams where they help some chefs escape and find Omochiroid. Omochiroid decides to throw himself into a pan which makes him grow! I love how Yoko is more concerned about Omochiroid disturbing Ryuuji than disturbing the WORLD. I love it. Morishita is still getting calls from Ryuuji and instead of just ignoring them, Morishita answers with ‘I’m Michael. I’m filling in today. I don’t speak Japanese’…AND THEN HE HANGS UP. Morishita, you have redeemed yourself. I love everyone in this episode, seriously.

Hiromu and Yoko chase Omochiroid outside where he just deflects their attacks with his super-bounciness.  Meanwhile, inside, Ryuuji bumps into Rika where they both conclude that something weird’s going on. Hiromu and Yoko defeat Omochiroid, just as Ryuuji and Rika come outside. (At some point, Jin and J defeat the Megazord).

Back inside, Rika reveals that her interview was just a regular interview to get a contract or something…and Rena reveals that she’s interested in another man. So, a pointless episode really I suppose. ALTHOUGH, all the comedy elements were pretty awesome. I loved it. 5/5.


Ryuuji and Hiromu are working out in the EMC gym, but Nick and Gorisaki notice that he isn’t putting in as much effort as usual. Something is clearly bothering him. It turns out that Ryuuji tried entering Yoko into some high schools, but wasn’t having it and called him annoying for trying to help. In the command centre, J laments over his missing kuwagata beetle while Kurorin wonders where the 13th card is now that Enter and Escape are gone. I just want to say that although I rarely comment on J’s background antics, I always find them hilarious. J is probably my favourite character this season…although, I don’t know; Morishita and Gorisaki are quite awesome. Anyway, an Enetron spike is detected, but not a Megazord in transport.

The Go-Busters head to the scene with Hiromu and Ryuuji in a car, and Yoko on Nick. Nick tries to defend Ryuuji in saying that he’s just worried about her, but Yoko think that Ryuuji worries too much. The four investigate in a forest. Why would there be an Enetron spike in a forest? Ryuuji is also suspicious. Suddenly, Enter and Escape just appear! What (I kind of expected it. It’s only Episode 46). Strangely, Escape refers to Enter as ‘Papa Enter’. Is he Messiah now!? The fight begins and Ryuuji takes on Escape. It’s strange, she starts introducing herself – the same way she introduced herself to the Go-Busters the first time…AND, she has flowers in her hair. Now, Escape doesn’t seem like the type of person to accessorize with flowers. To make this even stranger, she transforms into her ‘Monster’ form, but it’s sort of part-flower. It’s all really odd.

Escape and Ryuuji find themselves on a bridge and Ryuuji is being pushed to his limits while being engulfed in Escape’s flames. It’s not long before Ryuuji goes completely mental, even firing at Yoko who has come to support him. She’s fine though. She got pulled away at the last second by Jin. Oh, and Ryuuji inadvertently BREAKS THE BRIDGE, causing both him and Escape to fall into the river below.

Meanwhile, Hiromu and Enter continue to fight until they reach a standoff. Enter thinks that’s enough for now, and he just disappears. They wonder what the purpose of that fight was, but seeing as its Enter, they know that he’s plotting something. Yoko flies down the river in RH-03, desperately scanning for Ryuuji. At the same time, Hiromu helps in Lioh and Jin and Nick search on foot. Nick asks where J is and it seems that he just ran off after helping Jin transform. Curious. Yoko and Hiromu meet up with the two after finding nothing, and Yoko seems more worried than anyone.

We cut to a beach, where Ryuuji finally wakes up to be greeted by Escape. Escape wants to continue fighting, so she burns Ryuuji’s face, in turn, awakening his over-heated alter ego. He morphs, and this alerts the EMC to his location. Gorisaki SCREAMS down the line, but Ryuuji just tells him to shut up. The fight that follows on JanRio beach is quite something. He soon uses Powered Custom, and a worried Gorisaki screams as Ryuuji becomes overheated FURTHER.

While on their way, Hiromu comes up with a plan. The guys will take on Escape while Yoko handles Ryuuji. The thought behind it is that Ryuuji will return to normal after seeing Yoko, his ‘younger sister’. Hiromu, Yoko, and Nick run into action while Jin calls J, wondering where he is. I can’t tell if this is just another J comedy skit, or if he’s actually doing something related to the plot.

Back on the beach, Ryuuji is knocked out of Powered Custom by a massive fireball and his visor is ripped open. In an effort to save Ryuuji, Gorisaki actually tries attacking Escape! GO GORISAKI! He’s just struck with a fireball though. Oh man, this scene is tense. TENSE. Hiromu arrives just in time as Ryuuji is on the brink of death basically. He fights with Escape while Yoko tries to calm down Ryuuji, who is overheating EVEN MORE. Both Yoko and Gorisaki are beaten down – and Yoko is even demorphed. We see a graze on Yoko’s leg – cue flashbacks of past Ryuuji and Yoko. She reveals that she got mad earlier because she didn’t want to think about the fight ending, and she apologizes. She does admit that he can be a little annoying though…and Ryuuji just shoots at her again (I found this hilarious for some reason). He continues to fire and Yoko runs through the explosions, getting close enough to Ryuuji to drag him off the cliff and into the water. RH-03 picks them up, and Ryuuji is back to normal.

The fight continues with Escape though, and Hiromu, J and Jin fight her.  It’s quite awesome. Yoko joins at the last minute, defeating Escape for good…maybe. All the Go-Busters and Buddyroids gather around and Enter appears. Using J’s kuwagata, he creates Kuwagataroid. He then takes out a flower, and that materializes into ESCAPE! (Complete with the robotic voice saying ‘Escape). WHAT’S GOING ON? I CAN’T HANDLE THIS.

Basically, I loved this episode. I loved that they revisited Ryuuji’s weak point. I loved the return of Enter and Escape. I loved that there were more questions raised at the end. I just loved it. 5/5.