SDCC News! Legacy Dragonzord, Dragon Dagger, Legendaries & the Zyuranger Figuarts!

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Thanks to TokuNation and RangerCrew for keeping on top of all the SDCC 2013 News today!
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SDCC 2013 Bandai Power Rangers 018

Finally! Coming in 2014! Bandai of America unveiled this little gem today at San Diego Comic Con!
We are at last getting a Legacy Dragonzord that is fully compatible with the 2010 Megazord and the Legacy Megazord!
The Dragonzord is also said to be made of die-cast and metallic parts just like the Legacy Megazord!
No Price Point or Release Date has been confirmed yet.

SDCC 2013 Bandai Power Rangers 015

They didn’t stop there!
Coming in 2014 Bandai is also releasing a Legacy Dragon Dagger with Die Cast Metal parts and Show accurate sound effects!
No Price Point or Release Date has been confirmed yet.


Tamashii Nations revealed the full Zyuranger/MMPR team finally confirming that we will indeed be getting the entire team of Rangers in Figuart form! The Red, Green, Red with Dragon Shield and Pink are slated to release first!
No Price Point or Release Date (for the Blue, Black or Yellow) have been confirmed yet.

SDCC 2013 Bandai Power Rangers 031

Bandai America also unveiled parts of their Super Megaforce line with the first look at their Megazord!
Gokai-Oh in Power Rangers is now called Legendary Megazord!
Again there is no word yet on functionality, but it appears as if the arms, chest and legs will not open and instead will function with the Aux Zords via the pegs on the outside. This is just speculation remember!
No Price Point or Release Date has been confirmed yet.

SDCC 2013 Bandai Power Rangers 037

Here is an image of the Legendary Morpher which accepts the Ranger Keys and allows the Rangers to transform into previous teams.
There was not  a whole lot of information released on this item, however there are some paint differences.
There’s no word yet on whether or not the Legendary Morpher snaps open when the key is turned much like the Japanese version.
No Price Point or Release Date has been confirmed yet.

SDCC 2013 Bandai Power Rangers 006

Awesome! Some pics of the Legendary Ranger Keys appear as well giving us a look at many of the 20 years worth of Rangers.
It appears that these keys do differ slightly from the Japanese Keys in that they have been rumored to be spring loaded and also are bulkier in appearance. Some paint differs as well such as the Female Ranger Skirt lines are inconsistent. Here we see that the Pink Time Force and White Alien and Wild Force Rangers have lines but the other girl figures do not. HMMM.

SDCC 2013 Bandai Power Rangers 039

There is also an image of a treasure chest and (surprise!) a Dairanger key atop the chest!

Jumbo Scale MMPR Megazord Resin Proto

Another interesting toy being revealed was this Jumbo Megazord which stands at about 2′ Tall!
No Price Point or Release Date has been confirmed yet.

Here are some more images of the Ranger Keys courtesy of TokuNation!

SDCC 2013 Bandai Power Rangers 007

SDCC 2013 Bandai Power Rangers 008

SDCC 2013 Bandai Power Rangers 009

SDCC 2013 Bandai Power Rangers 010

SDCC 2013 Bandai Power Rangers 011

SDCC 2013 Bandai Power Rangers 012

SDCC 2013 Bandai Power Rangers 014

SDCC 2013 Bandai Power Rangers 013

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  1. Now I wonder what part of the DragonZord is going to be made out of diecast, I have a feeling it is going to be the shield/wings, possibly the chest piece but that would add alot of weight.

    Also I have been observing the illustrated DragonZord on this box and also the illustrated DragonZord on the 1993 box, I have noticed this DragonZord looks less bulky with a thinner more defined neck region…i so can’t wait to see the final product!!

  2. Damn is it worth purchasing the Legacy Megazord if you own the 2010 Megazord??..either way Legacy Dragonzord is confirmed!!

      1. Legacy Morpher, Legacy Megazord, now Legacy Dragonzord!! Want them all but can’t afford to buy them all…damn I feel like my parents 20 years ago lol

  3. Is it my eyes (which I hope it’s not), or by the looks of the LEFT ARM, is Jake going to change colors for Super Megaforce (he’s the BLACK Ranger)?

    1. They have to change the colours, as gokaiger, the show super megaforce will get its footage from, doesnt have a black ranger, just a green. Its been teased at since the first episode of megaforce (jakes screen is green)

  4. Good news, Dragonzord get it’s moment as it should: bad news, we have to wait until 2014. Foul!!!!!!

  5. 2 things.

    2: I think the reason some of the female ranger’s skirts aren’t painted on the keys is because those ones are still in the prototype phase or something. I think they’ll have paint on them when they’re released

    1. Also, for those of you hoping the legendary megazord works like gokai oh with the compartment thing in the limbs and chest, I have some news. I saw a video of a guy looking at the toy with pics he took at SDCC and he got one close up. I saw that the arms had grooves on the edge between the front and inner arms that looked like they could open. I’m not sure if it will work like gokai oh with a dial and little nubs on the connecters, but it looks like it should open.

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