“Go-Go Megaforce” Game Launched by Bandai America!

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Bandai America has just launched an epic new online gaming experience with GoGoMegaforce.com


This awesome new website allows the player to either purchase the Bandai America Power Rangers toys,
Scan the ACG Cards the player has collected (which allows the player to Power  Up Missions in the game),
or Play the Mission and Unlock even more Rewards!


Each time you power up the meter the closer you are to unlocking rewards!
You can power up the meter by playing the missions or scanning ACG Cards!
When your meter is complete even more incredible rewards are unlocked!


Here is a look at the first 3 Missions!
I played the first mission and it requires you to protect the Power Cores from the Loogies and Super Loogies!
During this interlude we get to hear Gosei’s new voice (whether it is just for this game is unknown) which sounds a lot like Megatron…..


This is the “Choose Your Ranger” screen which allows you to be any Megaforce Ranger AND Red in Ultra Mode!


The next screen allows you to either scan your ACG Cards for Power Up Bonuses or you are able to enter the codes on the cards!


The controls are easy enough to maneuver and includes several ways to attack!
You are able to run, Dash at your enemies, use the Rangers’ main attack, Slam and Spin attacks as well!


Here is a slight cap of the gameplay but in all seriousness it looks and works a lot better if you actually go and play the game!
The attacks for each of the Rangers is rather cool. I did however, experience a glitch when playing. I only used Troy and Emma and both times they froze mid air and I couldn’t get down. Needless to say, the Power Cores were lost.
How to play & win rewards:
Log on to www.GoGoMegaforce.com
Choose your favorite Power Ranger
Battle the Loogies
See what reward you’ve unlocked…including $10 Off a BattleFire Ultra Gosei Great Megazord, $5 Off a Deluxe Gosei Morpher, even a FREE Action Figure (with purchase of any Bandai Power Rangers product)
Simply print and visit your favorite retailer to redeem for great new Bandai Power Rangers Megaforce toys!
I had a blast playing this game and once I scan more of my cards I can’t wait to see what powers, weapons and savings I unlock!
Check it out and have a MEGA time!

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