Megaforce Episode 11 “Ultra Power” Episode Review



It had been a while since I had completely and thoroughly enjoyed a Power Rangers Megaforce episode, but with “Ultra Power” I finally had my prayers met! This episode had action, comedy, plot development and new powers! As I finished this episode I realized that it would have made more sense to come back from the hiatus with this episode rather than with “Man and Machine” which was less of a dramatic re-entrance back onto TV!
However this episode, now that it has aired, was a fantastic show of what Megaforce can do and hopefully it is a good sign for the future!


We open on the Megaforce Rangers arriving at the Command Center where Tensou is anxious for their arrival.


Gosei warns the Rangers that they must act swiftly to prevent an unstoppable power from wreaking havoc on the earth.


The Wild Sword, forged ages ago, became too powerful and had to be sealed inside the Earth,
Now the sword’s energy is attempting to break itself free. The Rangers must race to the Black Mountains before it can fall into the wrong hands.


As the Rangers walk along the beach and contemplate the power of the Wild Sword, Vrak watches from afar.
Overhearing them talk about the Wild Sword, Vrak decides to get his hands on it before the Rangers do!


As the Rangers continue to walk towards the Black Mountains Gia notices large explosions in the city, yet Tensou’s sensors don’t notice a thing.
The Rangers, suspicious, head out to find the problem!


The Rangers Morph and find a strange monster named Distractor, who has jumped the gun and grown Mega!
The Rangers call upon the Gosei Mechazords and form the Gosei Great Megazord!


The Rangers take on Distractor, but something is a little off!
Before they can land blows he goes flying, pretending as if the attacks are landing blows!


Distractor pretends the Rangers are too powerful for him and calls upon Phantom Monsters, including Psychotick and Hisser!


Meanwhile, Vrak has located the sword and attempts to take over its power but is stopped by a force field!


The Rangers load a Victory Strike card but the monsters are impervious to their attacks!
The Rangers suddenly become more and more confused as Distractor taunts them!


Suddenly, RoboKnight appears in the battle fully grown and strikes Distractor!
RoboKnight reveals the Rangers are being tricked, the monsters are illusions!


RoboKnight knocks Distractor back to normal size and ends his illusion! On the ground RoboKnight takes him on alone and explains to the Rangers that they are being distracted on purpose! The real villain is after the sword!


The Rangers leave the scene and run to the site of the Wild Sword where they find Vrak ready to steal it!
As the Rangers battle Vrak, he becomes weakened and strategically disappears after their attacks.


Now free of distractions, the Rangers pass the barrier.
Troy wonders how many warriors have attempted to free it and believes that being a Ranger would help his chances releasing it.


With all his might Troy unleashes the sword but it’s force proves to be too much!


The sword flies from the Rangers and right into the spiky hands of Vrak who lay waiting in the wings!
Vrak reveals Distractor was only keeping RoboKnight busy as he waited for the Rangers to break the barrier!


As the Rangers attempt to stop him, Vrak obliterates them with the sword’s power!
Laughing at their failure  he heads to the city to unleash the sword’s power!


Vrak unleashes the Wild Sword’s power on the city and levels some skyscrapers!
Strangely, the Wild Sword attempts to disobey Vrak!


Vrak realizes that shocking the sword forces it to obey him, using this power he charges up Distractor!
With his new surging power he calls upon the Phantom Monsters once more!


However, these monsters were no longer illusions! The Rangers were sent flying with powerful attacks and soon realized they were indeed real!


The Rangers join RoboKnight and use their individual weapons to take on the Phantom Monsters, but as they strike them the more they bounce back!


As Vrak headed in for the final blow, the Wild Sword suddenly becomes out of control!
The sword sends out a powerful blast and knocks everyone to another location!


Vrak marvels once more at the sword’s power!
Suddenly, Troy realizes that the sword is not really out of control but is instead attempting to fight Vrak!


As the others realize that the sword wants to protect the world as well, but must be shown the possessors worthiness!
Troy runs and grasps the sword and attempts to take it from Vrak!


Suddenly, the Wild Sword sends Troy into a shadow world and communicates with him in silence.
By the spirit of the mighty Dragon, Troy earns it’s trust and joins forces with the Wild Sword!


Troy calls for the sword to free itself from Vrak and suddenly Gosei reveals they have unlocked their new Ultra Zords!


The Ultra Zords grant the Rangers new Ultra Swords and powers!


Placing the Zords inside the Rangers are granted a new mode!


Their new Ultra Armor is ready! With their new power the Rangers take on Vrak!
Their armor and weapons prove to be too powerful for him, Vrak disappears and leaves the Phantom Monsters to do his bidding!

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The Rangers’ armor have incredible power and make short work of the monsters!


After beating them into submission the Rangers unleash their new finisher!
Ultra Power United, Dynamic Strike!


After their victory, exhausted, the Rangers de-morph as the Ultra Zords float above them in approval.


The Zords change themselves into new Power Cards, Troy and the others marvel at the new powers they’ve been given!


The Rangers head back to the Command Center and Gosei congratulates them.
To celebrate Tensou plays some music for the Rangers to dance, but Troy is still deep in thought.


Gia takes a break from dancing to compliment his bravery with the Dragon Spirit.
She drags him into the dancing, it’s time to break the stoic act!


Final Thoughts

There is not a lot that can be said about this episode that is bad, in my opinion anyways.
We finally got more interaction with Gosei and Tensou and even a little bit of personality from both. Gosei is still the mentor but this time seemed to actually serve a purpose. Tensou got to be a lot cuter and reminiscent of how Alpha acted in MMPR, While the Rangers loosened up as well! The dancing scene at the end will go down in PR history as one of the moments that can define the characters. We finally saw them loosen up besides sitting in a “juice bar” and drinking gross looking smoothies, kicking plastic bottles or walking around the flowers! While the dancing was hilarious, for the most part, I absolutely loved seeing Gia warm up not only to Jake and dance with him, but we also saw her warm to Troy and offer kind words to him. This is what we’ve been waiting for regarding character development! Finally! Jake continues to be a source of goofy quotes and one-liners that make Megaforce the enjoyable ride that it has been for me so far! Each week, I can’t wait to hear what he’s going to say next! Yes, Even the boogers line.
If you follow me on any platform then you already know how much I love Vrak. His is certainly growing well as a villain. His voice actor is amazingly on point and the plot points that are being taken with his character are even greater than the Toxic Beasts and the rest of the WarStar Generals. We’ve seen a change here in the way the villains interact with each other from the Sentai and this could not be more welcomed. Vrak is in control of them all and yet, with the exception of Malkor which isn’t touched on yet, they all seem ok with this. Bluefur and Bigs are basically his subordinates, the monsters bow to him and Malkor barely is seen or knows what is happening. It is Vrak that goes after the Wild Sword for his own power and not at the bidding of Malkor in the slightest. This is why I love him as a villain because he’s a basic badass that, regardless of the consequences, wants to destroy the Rangers and gain more power! I can’t wait to see what happens when Malkor finally gets wind of Vrak’s plans and intentions. Whatever they may be. One of the most epic moments in this season so far was Vrak VS the Ultra Megafroce Rangers! Don’t forget we actually got some US footage for Vrak this episode as well!
In regards to the Ultra Mode, at first in Goseiger it was hard to be a fan of the armor. However, eventually they grow on you and I’ve grown to love the armor and weapons especially when they are in toy form. I loved the new roll call, even though I’d seen it weeks ago, and the integration of the Ultra Zords into the US Footage was awesome! The Dragon’s Spirit scene and the Wild Sword’s scenes were excellently filmed and integrated into the US Footage.
I did have one tiny problem and it is so small. Many of the Phantom Monsters were never before seen in Megaforce and it was sent to us as if we had seen them before! A lot of them looked really cool, given my splotchy memory of Goseiger, I wish we had seen more of them. But, such is this time limit. Distractor was a hilarious monster however, with his campy avoidance of the Rangers’ attacks to distract them!
All together, as I’ve said, this episode is a keeper and I am confident in saying this is one of the episodes we will remember most from this season!

Episode Scores

Story: 10/10
Action: 10/10
Monster: 9/10
All Together: 10/10

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