Lord Zedd Figuart in the Works?

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In case you missed it the other day! More news brought to you by TokuNation out of NYCC 2013! TokuNation, who interviewed Tamashii Nations representatives, was able to uncover the possibility that a SH Figuart of Lord Zedd may be in the works!

At this time there is no word on when or if he will be released. According to the posting Tamashii Nations is thinking of moving future villain releases to the Figaurts ZERO line. What is a  Figuart ZERO, you ask? Figuarts ZERO is a series of un-articulated figures produced by Bandai.

What can you do? According to the posting and the reps at Tamashii Nations there needs to be a demand for this product for it to go forward!
So! Head over to the Tamashii Nations Facebook or Send a Tweet to their Twitter and TELL THEM you WANT A LORD ZEDD!
For News on future releases stay tuned to Morphin’ Legacy!