Super Megaforce Toys! Unboxing the Power!

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Welcome to a very special SimplyScott1 toy opening!

You may know me as the Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger reviewer for MorphinLegacy.
On the side I dabble in collecting Power Rangers and Sentai toys, so I’m very thrilled to share with you almost exclusive photos of the new Power Rangers Super Megaforce merchandise. The toys are hitting Toys R Us around the US; I found mine in Tulsa, Ok! The hunt for keys and such will be fun!
Please check out the videos of the Morpher and Saber on the FB page if you want to see and hear what they sound like!
Below is a pick of what the floor display at ToysRUs looks like.



Deluxe Super Mega Saber:


The Blue Super Megaforce key that comes with it feels a little cheap honestly. The arms both move separately, the mechanism that lets it flip is okay, but it feels like if I mess with it a lot it might break…. Just my point of view.

IMG_3337  IMG_3336  IMG_3334  IMG_3335

The sword it’s self is spectacular. First you press the front button and a tube pops out of the back. You put the key in and turn to the left. When you do that it makes powering up noises. Once you press the button inside the sword handle, TROYS VOICE YELLS, “SUPER MEGA SABER.” Nice touch to have the actual actor’s voice.

It also has really beautiful red, blue, and green LED lights that flash as well. Love it. Also, the sword fits perfectly in my adult hand. Yeah it’s perfect. Besides the key, I would give this product a 9.5 out of 10.

(PS When I inserted both PRSM blue and MMPR Red keys, the saber said the same thing.)

Deluxe Legendary Morpher:

IMG_3324  IMG_3325

As seen at a recent Comic Con, the Morpher comes with both PR Super Megaforce Red and MMPR Red. Like the blue key with the saber, the keys feel fragile and plastic, but coloring on them is fantastic.

When flipped up, the keys have each team’s symbol in the QR code. LEGIT.

IMG_3342  IMG_3341  IMG_3339

The Morpher closes as seen below.


When you turn the key, Papa Gosei yells “SUPER MEGAFORCE RED” with a couple bangs and clinks. But when you turn it again, he yells “SUMMON SKY SHIP.” MORE ON THAT LATER.

When Red MMPR is inserted, Gosei yells, “Red Mighty Morphin!” Turn it again, it plays the original communicator beep. BYEEEEEEEEE. (Also, lights on the Morpher coordinate with the jingle too.)


When I inserted the Blue PRSM key from the saber, it yells, “SUPER MEGAFORCE, BLUE.” When turned again it yells, “Super mega jet!”
(More on that below with the megazord instructions)

Also, the keys on the Morpher do not move except 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8 which move at the same time. They just make random beeps.

Overall, good product. I love the extra sounds for double turns. I hate the flimsy keys though. I swear I’ll break one today. So 9 out of 10, but keys get like a 2 out of 10 at this point.

Legendary Megazord:

IMG_3328  IMG_3347

I own the Sentai version of this toy so I will try my best to discuss the differences.

Below is the instructions with zord names. Super Mega Wheeler (Yellow Trailer), Super Mega Skyship (Red Galleon), Super Mega Sub (Pink Marine), Super Mega Jet (Blue Jet), and Super Mega Racer (Green Racer). Overall, fun names. Except WTF IS A WHEELER. Dump truck would have been great. lolololol


The Sentai version is on the left, and the American on the right. It’s smaller, has less detail obviously. Four of the ships on the American version don’t open like the Sentai version does. Galleon still opens up.


It comes with two swords, thank God, and you can spot the added pegs on the ships since the compartments don’t open up.

IMG_3351 IMG_3352 IMG_3353 IMG_3354 IMG_3355

The pegs don’t hurt the look of the megazord, but they do slightly jut out. This takes away from the sleek design of the vehicles, but overall a pretty good adaptation.


To get the Megazord to open up in the front, you have to insert the key in the back. (Also, no cannon inside.) Okay, that’s cool and smart. The key that comes with this is Red PRSM, but in like a clear form. Pretty cool, but still flimsy.

IMG_3348  IMG_3345

Overall, I don’t hate this actually. Probably a 7 out of 10? Maybe higher if I didn’t own the Sentai counterpart? The quality is really not that bad and seems to be less flimsy than the American Gosei Great megazord. Honestly, they didn’t do a bad job. The gold detail paint looks really good and I think kids will love this pirate theme.

I did not buy the red, green, or blue double action swinging figures, because I do not collect them. They also do not come with keys or I probably would have bought then. haha

When keypacks come out in probably next year, I WILL LOSE IT.


And the extra vehicles will be awesome, specially the Zeo one, but remember, LESS DETAIL/NO SOUNDS PROBS.


Anyways, hope you enjoyed the commentary and unpacking. I’m happy I got my hands on these. The saber is badass. I absolutely love it.

Until next time, stay Super Mega Brave!

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