The GRID 79: “When The T Stirs”

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The GRID Episode 79: “When The T Stirs”

Episode 79 of The GRID is here where we discuss such vital topics as The Power Rangers Movie New Cast Member (Elizabeth Banks) & A New Shooting Schedule! Becky & Naomi Get Kick Ass Cakes! New Dino Charge Villain, Recolors, Oviraptor that shoots missiles from its butt and Still No Poisandra! Sledge Gate 2016! BTS with the Dino Charge Megazord! 5 New PMC5 Guests! Kakuranger on DVD! Legacy Thunder Megazord & Falconzord!

Plus we attempt to review Dino Super Charge Episode 1 “When Evil Stirs” & the Twenty-Ninth Episode & Thirty First Episodes of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger! PLUS Ninninger Episode 44 & 45!

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