(BOOM! Comics) MMPR #13 Review

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You might not know this, but we are officially in “Year 2.” The second year of PR comics.

Even though we’re still in a Year 1 storyline, there are some changes. The credits page is now red and we’re done with the Bulk and Skull mini shenanigans and now we have to deal with a storyline about Squatt and Baboo traveling to multiple universes at the end of each issue. Unless there’s something important or really stupid about it, I probably will never mention it again.

The Cover

The cover is absolutely amazing. There are so many different scenes on the cover to look at, that not only is it very visually appearing with the lighting and the art style, there’s just so much to look at and know that the issue is just packed with action. A Jason vs. Goldar fight, Kim vs. Rita showdown, Finster, Squatt and Baboo hiding like morons. Any potential reader is going to be a little curious as to what’s going on.

The Story

Finster is making Goldar some super buff armor when he runs out of clay. While Rita and Goldar are talking about potential plans to lure the Rangers out, Finster goes to retrieve more clay and finds something else instead.

Back with the Power Rangers: Destiny edition, the Coinless are taking Billy, Tommy, and Saba back to Zack to see if their dimension jumping story makes any bit of sense. Zack believes the two and takes them inside the Coinless headquarters. He tells Aisha to take the two to go take a shower. Billy tries to talk to this world’s Trini, but she blows him off.

Back with Lord Drakkon, he takes away a Sabertooth Sentry’s power for failing to capture Billy and Tommy (even though it was partly his fault). Scorpina shows up out of nowhere to comment on his terrible leadership skills. Yeah, it turns out that when the Black Dragon originally crossed over, Scorpina was sucked into this world. (Thanks for reminding me she existed, writers. I was trying hard to forget.) Anyway, he just rants on about how the original Tommy is a mistake, but plans on taking out the Coinless by tracking Saba’s connection to the Morphin’ Grid and figure out their location.


Meanwhile, Trini, Zack, and Jason are morphed for little to no reason to do… literally nothing important. Kim has a heart-to-heart with Jason, talking about how Jason is a good leader despite all of this terribleness going on and how Kim admits she likes Tommy. Spoiling this good moment, Alpha contacts the team and tells them how they can retake the Command Center.

Billy is exploring the Coinless base when he finds a picture of him with the caption “In Loving Memory.” Billy immediately confronts Trini and asks how this world’s Billy died while Zack is telling Tommy… a pretty pointless flashback. But, more importantly, Bulk comes in and says that Skull informed him that Lord Drakkon is going to attack them… literally two seconds before they’re attacked.

In the main world, the four Rangers plan their attack which Alpha cheerfully says that he’ll see them soon. However, this is like anime because it’s actually Finster controlling Alpha. The villains are setting up a little “welcome home” party for the Rangers…


 with a lot of the guests wearing the same thing. Awkward. 

Ending Thoughts

*long pause* This storyline isn’t going to end next issue, is it?

I originally thought that this would end in issue 14 and we’d get a new storyline for “Year 2”, but unless they really rush the next issue, there’s no way that’s happening.

Besides that, this issue was good. Good character moments, excellent art, expansion on this new reality, action is nonexistent, but it’s too be expected. However, this issue is basically one transition, just getting our characters from one point to another. Not that it’s a bad thing, but this issue is probably better in a trade rather than on its own so you can feel like more of the story is explored and get more excited rather than wait a month for the next issue.

This issue IS excellent. I’m just disappointed that none of my questions still haven’t been answered and this didn’t live up to the excitement I had last time.

Random Thoughts from the Morphin’ Grid

  • The Power Sentries look amazing. Yellow’s weapon is the only one that looks so weird.
  • Though but seriously, why were Tommy and Billy just given random scarfs?
  • Goldar without his armor is HOT. (Though I have to question why his armor wasn’t taken off earlier, not only in terms of story, but so we can have more handsome Goldar)
  • You’d think someone would show up in this zord destruction site and at least tell these kids to get out… you’d think.
  • Why is that memoriam picture of Billy not centered? No, seriously.
  • I knew it wasn’t Alpha from the start because he was too cheerful.
  • Random stranger: “It’s in poor taste.”… *facepalm*
  • [referring to Tommy and Goldar] “You get a clone, you get a clone, EVERYBODY GETS CLONES!”