Boom Studios! Announces New Comic Series “Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers”

Source: Mashable)

BOOM! Studios!, the distributor of the current series of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comics and the mini series MMPR Pink has just announced plans for a new ongoing comic series titled “Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers. This new series will focus on the main five Power Rangers shortly after they received their power and will focus more on the Power Rangers as teenagers rather than superheroes.

Included in the Mashable article were three storylines that Go Go Power Rangers will feature.

Tommy wasn’t the first guy to be the sixth member of the group

 “We are going to show that the group was larger than five people before, but only five of them were chosen,” Parrott teases. “So what happens to the group member that wasn’t chosen? When all five of his friends are currently running around as the Power Rangers and cannot tell him why, and what does that do to him? If all your friends one day just started showing up at the coffee shop without telling you, you’re like, ‘Is it me?

Kimberly Had A Love Life Before Tommy Too

“The other thing is we’re going to introduce the fact that Kimberly had a boyfriend before they were Power Rangers,” Parrott reveals. “Who that person is and how they will fit into the story is going to be an interesting balancing act. That will be a major plot point for the entire series if I get my way.”

Billy Has An Unlikely Friendship

“I really like the idea that when he was younger, Billy and Skull were actually really, really good friends. And how they grew apart, and why Skull became Bulk’s second is going to be something we address,” Parrott says, noting that he was inspired by the way friendships and cliques change between elementary school and high school.

Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers will be written by Ryan Parrot (Saban’s Power Rangers Aftershock) & illustrated by Dan Mora.

Go Go Power Rangers will be hitting stores July 2017.

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