The GRID: Episode 98 “I’m Super, Thanks For Asking!”

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The GRID Episode 98: “I’m Super, Thanks for Asking!”

Welcome to the Shit Show!

Episode 98: “I’m Super, Thanks for Asking!” is here where we discuss such vital topics such as the Power Rangers Movie Box Office Numbers to date, The Chinese Release of the Movie & the Cover of Go Go Power Rangers, Triceratops and Sabertooth Tiger Concept Art, France spoils more of Ninja Steel, Ninja Steel Casting, That Hashtag Show’s Rumored Cameo List, Legacy Wars gets an Update, Screw Attack’s Megazord VS Video, MMPR LEGO Ideas Reaches it’s 10K Supporters & Screen Rant releases another trash countdown list.

PLUS we attempt to review Kyuranger Episodes 09 & 10! Make sure to watch Morphin’ Legacy for an upcoming contest on April 20th to Celebrate Jay’s Birthday!

Our Secret Word This Episode is: SUPER
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