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Welcome to the Morphin’ Legacy “About Us” Page where you can find info on our Staff, Our Story, Our Mascot and how to Follow Us!

About Us

Morphin’ Legacy started in 2010 because I was so upset about the 2010 Reversion that I had to have somewhere to vent!
I started on a small blogspot and began to learn what I know today with the blog and eventually what would become our Legacy Databases.
Eventually the news spread that Saban Brands had reacquired Power Rangers and the site and blog took off from there! Eventually we spread throughout the web and found Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter! Our YouTube has more than 200K Subscribers! I applied and was accepted into the Power Force and have enjoyed every moment of it!
Today, we host some of the most up-to-date, intricate and comprehensive information from the Power  Rangers Universe in our Legacy Databases!
Not to mention bringing you the most relevant and up-to-date news regarding the new seasons, toys and more with a dash of Nostalgiaganza
-Jay, cupofwater03


Why Deer Zord?


I get this question a lot! During our weekly TinyChats one of our admins, thebubbledragon, would laugh whenever I played the “Song of Animaria” from Power Rangers Wild Force during the chat. As each week went on I specifically played that song during our chats as kind of a joke to make her laugh. Eventually it became a running gag that we should pay homage to the Deer Zord by holding up lighters, our phones or toys when the song would play.
A few months later I got a Deer Zord toy and he became the mascot of the site as well. The Deer Zord was not the kind of Zord to simply help the Rangers, they had to earn his help! This is one reason why we love him here at Morphin’ Legacy! Not to mention his awesome Bubble Power!
We continued this joke for a while until finally the Deer Zord began to find it’s way into my icons, cover photos and PMC T-Shirts. I decided that the Deer Zord should be our mascot and he has been ever since! Now you can see him in pretty much every aspect of our site and of our brand!
We were also graced with a magical meeting with Princess Shayla herself, Ann Marie Crouch, at Power Morphicon 5 where she amazed us with a short performance of the song!

-Jay, cupofwater03

 Our Staff

The Morphin’ Legacy  Staff is the life-blood of our site and we would not see such success without them!
If you haven’t met them just yet don’t worry!


Jay: Running Morphin’ Legacy for the last 7 years has been the most fun I have ever had! From tweeting, to Facebook posts and representing at Power Morphicon I have loved every second of it!
I personally run our Twitter, Instagram & YouTube and have a bit of help on Facebook. If you have a question feel free to ask me!
The GRID Podcast is back and stronger than ever! Check it out!

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Head Database Engineer & Vice President
Ray: “As long as I could remember, I’ve always had a fascination with Power Rangers. Even as a child I remember going through the episodes and keeping a log of weapons,characters, and zords so it was no surprise to me that I would eventually become a database writer for a Power Rangers Website. I’m also one of those rare fans who stayed with the show through its entirety through its up and its downs (Even Overdrive).”

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Official Graphic Artist, Video Creator & Freelance Writer
Austin, As some of you may know is our Official Graphic Artist creating everything from our Ranger of the Month images to our basic images we share for our articles every day! He also creates the epic tribute videos to our Rangers of the Month!
Austin also contributes many random articles to Morphin’ Legacy. In the past he has reviewed Power Rangers handheld games, meaning the Gameboy and Nintendo DS-platforms. While he isn’t doing reviews, he’s managing his Tumblr blog prgifs, which offers gifsets and more for all seasons and more.

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The GRID Co-Host / Admin
Amber, also known as pan2dapan on most social media sites, is a self-proclaimed nerdlord. By day, she’s a barista. By night, a 12 year old stuck in an adult body. She’s been a Ranger fan since MMPR and a Sentai fan since college.
She likes to draw, read/cry about comic books, freak out over tv shows, and collect toys. When she’s not sleeping, drawing, or messing around on the internet, Amber likes to experiment with makeup.

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The GRID Co-Host
Adam: “A Power Ranger Fan from that very first day back in August of 1993! Wasn’t fully sold on the show at first but continued to watch cause Billy was cool. When Zack (Walter Jones) left and Adam (Johnny Yong Bosch) stepped in to be a replacement. He knew his destiny was set with the show! Growing up I was the odd one out for liking the show as much as I did but I never cared anyways! Fast forward to around 2002ish I got the internet late in life but I started researching Power Rangers and became a fan-boy again! Then the creation of RangerBoard happened and saw that I wasn’t alone! Fast forward to the end of 2012 where we were suppose to have that whole Mayan End of the Earth thing that didn’t pan out and I met Jay here and a few months go by and thus the Grid was Born! Being an Original Host from Our first episode in March 2013 I have loved being on the show! I also Have For The Love Of Rangers on Facebook and Tumblr! I know it needs updating and I’ve been kinda busy on that front but I try to update it with some cosplay news from time to time! Ok so that should be it from me I am so excited to share the knowledge of the Ranger fandom legacy so Hit me up on Twitter @Fury_Crimson and we can talk more! CRIMSON OUT!”

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BOOM! Studios’ MMPR Comics Reviewer
Julian, College student. Superhero fan. Bigger Toku fan. Choco Enthusiast. The new BOOM! Comics Reviewer!


Ranger Editorial Staff Writer
Victor is the Pittsburgh based, Puerto Rico descended, Japan enthused geek blogger behind The Modern Gafa. He is a fan of all things Saturday morning and will one day love Fox Kids more than his own kids. He’s been a fan of Power Rangers since the beginning and started watching Super Sentai with Kyoryuger.

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