The GRID Podcast: Episode 89 “Throwin’ Salt” *Super Charged Edition*

Don’t Forget to Subscribe to us on ITUNES! The GRID Episode 89: “Throwin’ Salt” Welcome to the Shit Show! It’s A Super Charged Edition! Episode 89: “Throwin’ Salt” is here where we discuss such vital topics such as the #RepulsaTakeOver, Alpha 5 Movie Look Reveal, Brazil Comic-Con Updates, Go-Go Power […]

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Awesome New Funko Pop Products Coming Very Soon!

(Source) As revealed earlier this year we are getting new versions of the White, Red & Pink MMPR Funko Pop Vinyls in new poses, but it was also revealed we would be getting an Alpha 5 (exclusive to Walmart) which we are finally getting an image of above! Below you […]

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Emma Carr Cast in New Ninja Steel Role!

(Source: The Power Scoop) Emma Carr took to her Facebook Page to announce that she has been cast in an unknown role in Power Rangers Ninja Steel! Again, no word yet on who she will be playing, but stay tuned when her role is revealed!

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UPDATED! 41st Super Sentai: Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger Revealed!

(Source: RangerBoard, TokuNation) New Magazine Scans have revealed the look and toys for the upcoming 41st Super Sentai, Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger! The team has been revealed to have 9 Rangers in a vast array of colors! The two Females this season are Pink and Green! As expected the theme is […]

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New Power Rangers Movie Figures Coming Soon!

(Source: PowerRangersNow) New Power Rangers Movie Toys are coming soon! Up first is shown above, the FX Red Ranger Mask! Retailing at $15.99 “Morph into your favorite hero with this interactive mask, featuring voice sound effects straight from the Red Ranger!” Plus, new 5″ non-Legacy Figures featuring the 5 Movie […]

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