Bandai America Confirms! Poisandra Figure Coming Soon!

Today via the Bandai America toy panel there were a lot of toy and product announcements that made waves among fans; including upcoming Legacy Zeo Figures coming in Late 2017 as seen below. HOWEVER, one announcement shook me to my core and made me ever so happy! The fight has […]

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FIRST LOOK at Power Rangers Movie Action Figures!

(Thanks to TokuNation & RangerCrew for the Images & Coverage) Thanks to the amazing combined efforts of both TokuNation and RangerCrew the Power Rangers Movie Action Figures were unveiled today via the Preview Night at San Diego Comic Con! As always please visit the original source listed for the best images […]

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Legacy Ninja Megazord

SDCC Unveils Legacy Figures, Legacy Ninja Megazord & More!

Special Thanks To TokuNation & RangerCrew For Coverage & Photos Check Out Our Friends Over At TokuNation For EPIC Hi-Res Images of All The Toys Below! Thanks To TokuNation & RangerCrew, we have our first looks at some upcoming Legacy merchandise! This includes some MMPR, Ninja Storm & In Space Figures complete […]

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Titano Charge Megazord – The Ranger Talk Review

Titano Charge Megazord Review On this season of Power Rangers there are 10 Power Rangers each with their own zords. The tenth Silver Ranger has yet to debut on the TV but we have gotten a sneak peek at the zord and how it will combine with the other zords thanks to the […]

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Special Red Ranger Dino Chargers To Be Released!

Bandai will be releasing special Red Ranger Dino Chargers for every season from Mighty Morphin’ To Dino Charge!!!! The Dino Chargers will come with all black Dinos and come colored gold with featured abbreviated seasons. Will You Be Picking Up These Special Dino Chargers?

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