Morphin’ Legacy’s Holiday Gift Guide For The Casual Fan

Let me start out by saying this list is merely intended for the non-collector out there, the mom who needs to know what her Power Ranger kid may love OR the significant other who wonders what to buy their partner to get a squee this holiday! The collectors out there […]

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Dino Supercharge

“Neo-Zeltrax,” Female Purple Ranger Figures and More Revealed on Packaging!

(Thanks to Staff Writer, TheRangerTalk for the Images & Video) Dino Super Charge Toys are beginning to spill out into the wild as the Holiday Season rapidly approaches! Several images of the packaging of said figures have surfaced that show more upcoming figures!

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You Gotta See It, It Should Be Coming: Possible Legacy Zeo Toys!

Bandai of America truly knows how to cater to the fans. In 2013, they introduced the Legacy toyline, giving collectors the chance to obtain updated versions of figures, Zords, and props from the show, complete with die-cast parts and better details. Kicking it all off with none other than Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, the […]

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Villainous Rejects: Unused Monster Figures

As a Power Rangers toy collector myself, there is nothing that I love more than villain figures! The uniqueness and design of the monster suits also interested me, and thanks to Bandai, I’m able to have a shelf of their incredible Evil Space Alien figures! And while it was always […]

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Kimberly! Billy! Rocky! – Set of 3 Movie Morphers Revealed!

(Source / Source) Thanks to a posting from Big Bad Toy Store it appears 3 New MMPR Movie Legacy Morphers are on they way! Kimberly, Billy and Rocky’s Morphers were revealed including a 5-Dino combo coin as well! It appears only as a case on their site at the moment, […]

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Ultimate 27 Dino Charger Pack Revealed!

(Source) Much talked about and finally revealed is the Epic Toys R Us Exclusive 27-Dino Charger Pack! This pack features 27 Dino Chargers in their Metallic Versions (different than the Chargers in the packs that are currently in stores) UPDATES: The packs have been spotted in CA and are priced […]

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The Ranger Talk: NYCC 2015 Bandai of America Interviews!

 I am excited to  say that i was able to interview Gregory Mitchell (Director of Marketing and Branding Management for Power Rangers) at the Bandai of America booth. I was able to talk to him for about an hour on and off camera. We discussed the legacy line (video 1) and the […]

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Pachy Zord (recolor)

Ankylo Zord Images Found! Plus More Recolors!

(Source) Some New Images of Upcoming Dino Super Charge Zords were found today! Finally, up first is the Aqua Ankylo Zord which looks pretty cool IMO and an original Zord toy of the Deinosuchus Zord! But then we get to the others which seem to have gone through some color […]

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Legacy Falconzord

UPDATED: Legacy Falconzord & Communicator Spotted At NYCC!!!

(Thanks To dekablue25 & @RangerCrew For The Images from NYCC) Our Scoop About These Two Legacy Items Have Been Confirmed To Be True As They Have Been Shown To Be On Display At This Year’s NYCC!!! Will You Be Picking Up These Two Legacy Items?

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The Ranger Talk: Questions for Bandai at NYCC 2015

I am excited to announce that I will be attending New York Comic Con 2015 this year and will be visiting the Bandai of America booth. I hope to talk to Gregory Mitchell the Director of Marketing and Branding Management for Power Rangers. I have already received some great questions from […]

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