Legacy Thunder Megazord Review – The Ranger Talk

Legacy Thunder Megazord Review The Legacy toyline is what most toy collectors of the Power Rangers franchise look forward to each year. We tend to get a megazord, a zord, a weapon or two, and maybe a morpher. The most anticipated item since the start of the toy line back […]

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Gold Ptera Morpher Review – The Ranger Talk Review

Gold Ptera Morpher Review Bandai of America, releases some great Below is my review of the aforementioned Gold Ptera Morpher! Enjoy,  and remember subscribers are always welcome.

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New Images of Upcoming Legacy Movie Morphers!

(Source) More Images were found today, via the source above, which showcased the upcoming Individual Legacy Morphers! These Morphers are modeled after the “Tommy Movie Morpher” and will include Morphers for Kimberly, Rocky and Billy from the 1995 Movie! Do Not Confuse these new items with the new 2017 Movie, […]

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Legacy Falconzord Box Art Revealed!

(Source) Today the first image of the Legacy Falconzord Packaging was revealed with an interesting movie related motif! What do you think of the packaging? I think it looks rather gorgeous and I can’t wait to add this to my collection! I’m also intrigued why they chose to go with […]

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Deinosuchus Zord Review – The Ranger Talk Review

Deinosuchus Zord Review Bandai of America, the great toy company that brings us all the toy versions of the items we see in Power Rangers Dino Charge. Thankfully the people at Bandai are very creative. They have created some US exclusive zords that were never released in Japan. The Deinosuchus Zord is […]

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Mighty_Morphin_Power_Rangers_The_Movie_43046_Medium (1)

Power Rangers Movie Toys Coming Late 2016!

(Sources – Image / News) According to a new Bandai UK Toy Fair scan found today Bandai has signed on for the Power Rangers Movie Toyline which is set to hit shelves in Late 2016! This means that we will have two toy lines coincide with each other, as the […]

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ICYMI: New Images of Legacy Thunder Megazord / Box Art

In Case You Missed It Earlier This Week! Thanks to Bandai UK take a look at the Box Art of the Legacy Thunder Megazord! More Images have been released of the Toy in Action As Well!

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Ankylo Zord Review – The RangerTalk Reviews

Ankylo Zord Review Power Rangers Dino Charge is a very zord heavy season. With 10 zords in total, not counting Spino, Bandai of America has had a field day reproducing these. The Ankylo Zord is the Aqua Ranger’s zord. Even though we have yet to see this ranger, the zord made […]

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Mighty Engines Roar: Possible Legacy Turbo Toys!

While Bandai’s Legacy toyline will be thirty, flirty and thriving before it moves on from MMPR, it’s fun to imagine what kind of toys we might get for future Legacy lines! As I did in my previous article with Possible Legacy Zeo Toys, I’ll be giving some examples of what […]

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Plesio Charge Intro.Still002

Plesio Charge Megazord – The RangerTalk Review

Plesio Charge Megazord Review On this season of Power Rangers there are 10 power rangers each with their own zords. The purple ranger’s zords is a Plesiosaur. It is an amphibious zord that is also a spaceship, plane and of course, a megazord. Bandai of America, being the intelligent company that they […]

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