First Power Rangers Movie Toy Exclusive to be Sold at NYCC!

It was also revealed today via the Bandai America website that the first Power Rangers Movie Exclusive Toy would be sold at NYCC! No word yet on what the toy will actually be, stay tuned for more details! “Get your first-ever exclusive Power Rangers movie toy at New York Comic […]

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Limited Edition NYCC Tokyo Vinyl MMPR Dino Megazord Revealed!

Bandai Just Announced that a New York Comic-Con Exclusive Tokyo Vinyl MMPR Dino Megazord Will Be Up for Purchase! “Celebrating more than 20 years of Power Rangers history, the powerful Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dino Megazord is now captured in a stylized, modern design as a Limited Edition Tokyo Vinyl®. […]

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Premium Bandai Japan Unveils New Ranger Keys: 2000th Edition

Premium Bandai Japan has unveiled their “2000th Edition” Ranger Key sets to Celebrate the 2000th Episode of Super Sentai! These New Ranger Key sets include the Ranger Keys of KyoryuPink, AoNinger, ToQYonGo (as used by the Gokaigers in ZyuOhger Episode 28) and a vast array of  remaining Ninninger Ranger Keys! Pre-Orders […]

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cube komori

Cube Komori Review – The Ranger Talk Reviews

Cube Komori Review The 40th season of Sentai, “Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger”, has premiered and the toys are being released. This season’s theme is cubes. The zords are numbered cubes that combine in formations of threes. There are also auxillary cubes (!) that double as weapons. It seems that with every mecha combination […]

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Bandai America Confirms! Poisandra Figure Coming Soon!

Today via the Bandai America toy panel there were a lot of toy and product announcements that made waves among fans; including upcoming Legacy Zeo Figures coming in Late 2017 as seen below. HOWEVER, one announcement shook me to my core and made me ever so happy! The fight has […]

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