Best of the Best Spotlight: DaiZyuJin Megazord III

I haven’t posted in our “Best of the Best” tag in years and I’ve decided to bring it back! I’ve been following the above project for quite some time watching as the art came along and eventually lead up to this glorious fan-made video!

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The Top 21 Best and Most Talked About Moments in 2014

Another year in the History of Power Rangers is coming to an end and just like the previous years before there was so much to talk about! If there is one thing our fandom is great at; it is talking, spreading and blowing up the random hot topics that appear […]

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Best of the Best: GoseiGreen Cosplay

Thanks to CustomWorks for the images, check out more images via the link! If anyone knows me they know how much I loved the brief appearance of GoseiGreen in Goseiger! I found an awesome cosplay on Google by CustomWorkz! The custom suit is made of the same bright green color […]

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The White Ranger VS Scorpion Video Unveiled!

It’s finally here after weeks of promotion and hype and voting! Who will win in an epic battle unprecedented before? Tommy Oliver with his White Ranger Tiger Power takes on the vicious master Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat franchise! Check out the video above with a special guest appearance by […]

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Best of the Best: Ranger Themes Medley

I haven’t done a ¬†Best of the Best article in a while and usually that stems from me finding nothing worthy of being shared with everyone here! I wouldn’t want to waste your time with rubbish. I found an older posting from YouTube on Tumblr earlier today which appears to […]

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