Ninja Steel Filming Image Confirms Jordi Webber as Gold Ranger!

(Source: RangerBoard) Thanks to the above picture we got a small look at filming for Power Rangers Ninja Steel! If you take a look back at the man in the far right of the picture in the white tee-shirt and cowboy hat you will recognize him as Jordi Webber! Recognize […]

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Emma Carr Cast in New Ninja Steel Role!

(Source: The Power Scoop) Emma Carr took to her Facebook Page to announce that she has been cast in an unknown role in Power Rangers Ninja Steel! Again, no word yet on who she will be playing, but stay tuned when her role is revealed!

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Mike Edward - Dane Romero

Mike Edward Cast in Ninja Steel Role as Presumed Mentor!

(Source: ThePowerScoop) Mike Edward has been cast in a new presumed Mentor Role in Power Rangers Ninja Steel; Master Dane! Casting sides were released earlier this year under the name Uncle Zane but it looks like the name has changed! Some interesting info to know about him, he once guest […]

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Amanda Billing Cast as “Principal Hastings” in Ninja Steel!

(Source: The Power Scoop) Amanda Billing has been cast as “Principal Hastings” in Power Rangers Ninja Steel as announced via her Instagram Page! Follow Her Here: [Twitter] [Instagram] [IMDB]

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Nick Beckwith Cast In Ninja Steel!

(Source: The Power Scoop, Instagram) According to his Instagram & Twitter, Nick Beckwith has been Cast in Power Rangers Ninja Steel in an unknown role! Learn more about Nick by visiting his IMDB, Official Website and following his social media linked above!

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