Dino Super Charge Episode 15 “Wings of Danger” Review

“Wings of Danger” was a powerful, emotional and interesting episode filled with what we’ve been waiting for all season, lots of plot development! Dino Super Charge took a break from lighthearted filler this episode and instead chose to take an epic path towards the darker side of the story! We […]

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Dino Super Charge Halloween Special “Trick or Trial” Review

“Trick or Trial” was of course a clip show and of course we were all expecting that, but what I’ve come to expect post-Samurai is that these clip shows continue to get better and better. Last year’s Halloween special was fantastic and this year’s didn’t fail to keep me entertained […]

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Dino Super Charge Episode 14 “Silver Secret” Review

“Silver Secret” delivered a good balance between filler and great plot development; something I had been “complaining” about for a few episode reviews. While there was a random bit of filler intervened in between the epic plot development, the filler didn’t seem to bother me. In fact, the filler was […]

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Dino Super Charge Episode 13 “Recipe For Disaster” Review

It seems as if we are creating a pattern in the middle passages of Dino Super Charge and while I am living for the episodes, I am not sure if I like this pattern. We can see here in this episode that there is quite a bit of fight, Zord […]

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Dino Super Charge Episode 12 “Catching Some Rays” Review

“Catching Some Rays” continues deeper into Dino Super Charge’s filler and while I will say that these episodes are fun and have a lot of hilarious moments, I am ready for more plot driving moments. While we are getting these moments slightly, they seem to only come at the very […]

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