Dino Super Charge Episode 20 “End of Extinction” Review

While Dino Super Charge has ended on an emotional note it still left the echoing song of “Confusion Confusion Confusion” playing in my head. That’s right, I was left scratching my head at the end of the episode for more than one reason. While it seems that certain things were […]

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Dino Super Charge Episode 19 “Edge of Extinction” Review

“The Edge of Extinction” is the beginning of the end and was a fantastic way to start! Action from beginning to end and had me on the edge of my seat the entire way! Megazord battles spread throughout the episode, a Wedding I have been dying to see, an end […]

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Dino Super Charge Episode 18 “The Rangers Rock” Review

“The Rangers Rock” as we make our way to the 2-part Finale was a fantastic segue into what is to come. We celebrated the return of Sledge and his reunion with Poisandra, we got an epic arrival of a new Zord and brutally evil monster that turned the Rangers to stone! […]

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Worgworld Review

Dino Super Charge Episode 17 “Worgworld” Review

“Worgworld” with it’s interesting title and interesting plot sure was just that, well “interesting”. I had a little bit of a harder time enjoying this episode as some others may have. We’re getting down to the wire here and I wasn’t much of a fan of the funny filler this […]

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Freaky Fightday Review

Dino Super Charge Episode 16 “Freaky Fightday” Review

After an epic turn in “Wings of Danger” we took a turn backwards to more goofy filler with “Freaky Fightday”.  Of course with any filler episode so far in Dino Super Charge the episode was pretty hilarious and worth the watch, however it was still sad that these types of […]

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