Dino Super Charge Episode 12 “Catching Some Rays” Review

“Catching Some Rays” continues deeper into Dino Super Charge’s filler and while I will say that these episodes are fun and have a lot of hilarious moments, I am ready for more plot driving moments. While we are getting these moments slightly, they seem to only come at the very […]

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Dino Super Charge Episode 10 “Gone Fishin'” Review

“Gone Fishin’” gives us a little bit of filler and little bit of plot progression with the introduction of the Titano Zord and Silver Ranger. While the episode is a Riley focus episode his character goes no further than it was in previous episodes. I feel as if his character […]

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Dino Super Charge Episode 9 “Besties 4Eva” Review

Power Rangers Dino Super Charge made its return this week with “Besties 4Eva” to mixed reviews and while it was simple filler I found it to be quite a cute episode. I will admit it wasn’t the strongest episode to return on after such a long wait, but it still […]

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Dino Super Charge Episode 8 “Riches and Rags” Review

The Mid-Season Finale of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge was a fun romp with a lot of focus on Ivan! There were tiny sprinkles of the other characters as we’ve come to know in Dino Charge but Ivan took center stage. Let’s take a look back at a few moments […]

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Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger – Episode 3 REVIEW

Let’s unleash our animal instincts as I review Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger Episode 3 – ‘Can’t Go Home Even Though I Want To‘! Our animal pals and their friend Yamato are out looking for the sixth Champion Symbol so the Zyumans can get back to Zyuland. Amu isn’t as into it as the others, so […]

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