Exclusive Interview with RPM’s Mike Ginn!

It’s Boom Time! We got an awesome chance to ask Mike Ginn aka Gem of Power Rangers RPM a few questions about his time on the show! Had you ever heard of or watched Power Rangers before auditioning? A: Definitely! We had Power Rangers in New Zealand where I grew […]

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Exclusive Interview with Ciara Hanna!

Ciara Hanna’s Gia is arguably the most beloved character in Megaforce / Super Megaforce and now that her season is over, Ciara took a few moments to answer our questions regarding her time on the show, the aftermath & what she thinks her season’s Legacy will be!

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HenshinJustice Interviews Dino Charge Exec Producer, Judd Lynn!

Many of us in the fandom sighed a breath of relief when Judd Lynn was brought back as Executive Producer of the upcoming Power Rangers Dino Charge! Judd is well known in the fandom for “saving” many Power Rangers Seasons as well as writing some of the most influential and […]

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ABC13 Interviews David Yost, Walter Jones & Austin St John!

Don Nelson from ABC13 Texas recently interviewed David Yost, Walter Jones & Austin St John! Don asked them some totally random questions about their Mighty Morphin’ Days and whether or not they’d still look good in the spandex!

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Uncensored Radio w/ Karan Ashley Interview with Austin St. John!

Karan Ashley and her awesome Co-hosts on Unscripted Radio interviewed and took questions for Austin St John! The interview answers some die-hard questions about the show and Austin as a person! Take A Listen! New Radio Internet Radio with Uncensored Radio on BlogTalkRadio    

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