VIDEO: Legendary Megazord Review & Gokai-Oh Comparison


Hello and welcome to my review of the New Bandai America Legendary Megazord and the comparison to the Bandai of Japan Gokai-Oh from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger!

Basically all of the review and comparison points are mentioned in the video but I will briefly go over them here and give them all a score out of ten. Below are images of the Zords, Megazord and the Box Art. I have also compared the Super Mega Zords with the Gokai Machines/Gokai-Oh with the images below! Continue reading

Season 2 of Power Rangers MegaForce to feature Gokaiger Adaptation!

According to a tweet from Henshin Justice who had a oppurtunity to talk with Elie Dekel, the President of Saban Brands revealed that the second season of Power Rangers MegaForce will be an adaptation of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger rumored to be titled Power Rangers Super MegaForce.

It looks like we will be seeing my favorite Pirate Rangers sooner than we thought!
I remember a time a few months back when the title was copy-written as Power Rangers Ultra MegaForce? Could that be the second season’s title?
It is still unclear how this will be played out, whether it will be 20 Episodes for each team or if they will hybrid in some way!
It was revealed via RangerCrew’ Blog that the MegaForce teaser was shown (a while back) and clips of the new Legend War were included as well as Gokai-Oh, the Gokaiger’s Mecha!
Either way this could be a very exciting time for Power Rangers!

**Edit 6:34PM: Rumor around Twitter is that the MegaForce Rangers will use their cards to transform into past Ranger Teams

Gokaiger Lives! MegaForce will be Crazy!

If you’ve been following RangerCrew’s blog from the Licensing Expo than you’ve been getting quite a lot of good information including the first images of the MegaForce logo and posters, a new 20th Anniversary Poster and much much more!

I chose to skip a certain quote on the site from yesterday, and I won’t quote it now, because I wasn’t quite sure how to use it and it turns out that the quote was changed today because it was false and miscommunicated. RangerCrew asked Saban Brands about their decision to go forward with a Goseiger Adaptation and not Gokaiger (which would be much more ideal for a Power Rangers anniversary).

Let’s just say it seemed as if we wouldn’t see a Gokaiger adaptation at all. This, as it usually does, set Twitter, Blogs and Message Boards afire with a lot of bad reaction! How could it be possible that due to this flimsy reasoning they would skip one of the arguably BEST Sentai seasons ever?!?! A lot of people, including myself, were really pissed off and soon the mourning over the death of a Gokaiger adaptation began.

“They are unable to skip a season, which makes sense because Goseiger comes before Gokaiger. Gokaiger fans will be very pleased when the time is right.”

As it had been rumored for years, Saban is bound and is unable to skip any of the Sentai seasons. I am not sure what the exact terms of this agreement is, but we can be sure it stems from Dairanger’s suits and story being skipped in 1994. I would also think that with their agreement Toei wants to make money off of Power Rangers and keeping Saban bound to translate all of them in order is ideal! Continue reading