My Picks! WeLoveFine Tees – Power Rangers Contest 2

As you’ve probably heard WeLoveFine created another contest for Fan Submissions of Power Rangers Related  Shirts! To See Contest Rules Click Here I went through today and voted for my  favorites giving only the shirts I loved and would buy 5 Stars! Below are the shirts I am rooting for […]

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The History of Power Rangers on VHS!

Since its premiere in 1993, Power Rangers has entertained audiences around the globe! With action, humor, and heart, Saban Entertainment included something for everyone. Naturally, along with its popularity, Saban released numerous editions of Power Rangers VHS tapes, ensuring that fans worldwide would be able to watch their favorite episodes […]

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Power Rangers SDCC Exclusive Round-Up!

San Diego Comic-Con is headed our way July 9th – 12th and that means Exclusives, New Toys and Buzz around our favorite property; Power Rangers! After a few weeks of reveals I’ve decided to round up the Power Rangers Exclusives we know of! Make sure to Check Out the Bandai […]

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“Monster of the Day” Action Figure Legacy!

(Information taken from the amazing GRNRNGR Toy Database / Images from Google & TokuNation) During Toy Fair this year it was revealed that a big group of Dino Charge Monsters are to be released as figures! This is amazing and is something we haven’t seen since the days of Lightspeed […]

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American Horror Story: MMPR 2010 Toy Line

(All Images are NOT mine and were taken from Google)  One could argue that the year of 2010, during the Mighty Morphin’ reversion, was one of the darkest times in the fandom. So dark it caused Saban Brands to reacquire Power Rangers all together! As a fan of both the […]

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PMC Exclusive Ranger Key Set Info!

Many of you have asked for more details on the Power Morphicon Exclusive, how to get it, the price and availability. Here’s the deets: PMC Exclusive Key Packs $10 each Contains Metallic Jungle Fury Wolf  & Lightspeed Titanium Ranger Keys Limited to 1 per person Only 500 total – PMC […]

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Shout! Factory Announces “Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger” DVDs Coming Soon!

Thanks to @Tokunation & @ShoutFactory Shout! Factory and Tokunation revealed today that Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger (the Sentai MMPR Season 1 is based on) will be released and is Coming Soon on DVD! More details after the jump!

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New PMC4 Tee and Coins!

For Full Guest List & Registration Info Click Here! The Official Power Morphicon Page unveiled the new Silver, Gold & Platinum Member Shirts! We also got a look at the Limited Edition Coins! Check them out Below! Included in the Silver, Gold & Platinum Memberships and on sale at the Convention […]

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Lord Zedd Figuart in the Works?

Read the original TokuNation post Here In case you missed it the other day! More news brought to you by TokuNation out of NYCC 2013! TokuNation, who interviewed Tamashii Nations representatives, was able to uncover the possibility that a SH Figuart of Lord Zedd may be in the works! At […]

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Power Rangers Megaforce Hot Wheels: Series 3 Review

After a long and exhausting search for these cars, I’m back with my next review, which is about the Series 3 line of the Megaforce Hot Wheels! While it did take some time for me to find the Megaforce Pink car in stores, it has been listed on Amazon (and […]

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