Morphin’ Legacy’s Holiday Gift Guide For The Casual Fan

Let me start out by saying this list is merely intended for the non-collector out there, the mom who needs to know what her Power Ranger kid may love OR the significant other who wonders what to buy their partner to get a squee this holiday! The collectors out there […]

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My Picks! WeLoveFine Tees – Power Rangers Contest 2

As you’ve probably heard WeLoveFine created another contest for Fan Submissions of Power Rangers Related  Shirts! To See Contest Rules Click Here I went through today and voted for my  favorites giving only the shirts I loved and would buy 5 Stars! Below are the shirts I am rooting for […]

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Another Song And Dance

The Top 22 Hilarious Power Rangers “Filler” Episodes To Love!

Power Rangers is widely known for it’s campy comedic style AND let’s be real here it is not Power Rangers without some sort of goofy schtick! Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the plot and spend some time with your favorite Rangers in strange situations! In Celebration of […]

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Female Representation in Power Ranger Action Figures

(Info and Image Source) Since the moment we heard from a Bandai America Rep that a Poisandra figure may not be released in either of the Dino Charge lines I got to thinking about not only Female Villain representation in the Bandai America lines, but also the representation of the […]

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Happy 5th Birthday Morphin’ Legacy!

This Hour Marks the OFFICIAL 5th Birthday of www.morphinlegacy.com and the greatest endevour I’ve ever taken on! We Began 5 Years Ago Today with nothing but a dream and disgust over reversioning! I want to personally thank my staff for all their amazing help making this site the way it […]

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The Mystery of Dean Israelite

I’ve avoided talking about this for a bit, but what the hell! Everyone else on Earth is reporting that Dean Israelite has been named Director of the Mighty Morphin’ Movie Reboot! Variety and IMDB  (among many others who still report him as “in negotiations”) both “confirmed” this message days ago, but I […]

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Super Megaforce Missed Opportunities: Missing Ranger Changes

Many fans can agree that we were baffled when Sentai suits began appearing in Super Megaforce. At first it was wonder and then speculatory emotions of what this could all mean.  As time went on and more and more things were left out of the series, the Sentai suits lost […]

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Ray’s Ramblings: Clash Of The Crossovers

Teamups in Power Rangers usually consists of Power Rangers from two or more seasons teaming up to defeat an overpowered enemy. A good teamup usually comprises of character development from the older team and how well the two teams interact. A bad teamup is comprised of barely any interaction between teams […]

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Super Megaforce Missed Opportunities: One Color Ranger Modes

Amongst the mess that is Super Megaforce there are literally tons of missed opportunities. These articles may become a series but for now I am calling this article number one. One of the most absurd missed opportunities are among the Ranger Changes or Legendary Ranger Modes of one color. It […]

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21 Rare Power Ranger Figures, You May Not Know Exist!

Information from GrnRngr Toy Database Images are not mine Villains, Mentors and Monsters of the Day are quickly becoming some of the most rare, expensive, sought after and hard to find Figures in Power Rangers History. One such case in current history is the figure of Prince Vekar which I am […]

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