Exclusive Interview with Ciara Hanna!

Ciara Hanna’s Gia is arguably the most beloved character in Megaforce / Super Megaforce and now that her season is over, Ciara took a few moments to answer our questions regarding her time on the show, the aftermath & what she thinks her season’s Legacy will be!

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Database Ranger’s Power Reviews 52: Power Rangers Megaforce Holiday Special: “The Robo Knight Before Christmas”

To celebrate the holidays and commemorate the completion of Year One, Database Ranger sits down to review the Power Rangers Megaforce Holiday Special, “The Robo Knight Before Christmas”.

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Database Ranger’s Power Reviews 51: Power Rangers Megaforce Episode 20: “End Game”

In the Year One Finale of Power Reviews, Database, K, Guy, and Mayo must work together to save the world from destruction, and a review of the Power Rangers Megaforce Season Finale, “End Game”, may hold the key.  At long last, will the truth finally be discovered?

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Megaforce Episode 22 “A RoboKnight Before Christmas” Episode Review

Christmas and Halloween specials are usually a hit or miss with me and I sincerely miss the days when there were no such specials. I find it really hard to enjoy them for some reason, but that’s just me. I tend to enjoy the specials people don’t like and I […]

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Megaforce Episode 20 “End Game” Episode Review

Three identical words can be used to describe this episode the best. RUSH! RUSH! RUSH! Everything in this episode, while epic and at times very engrossing was extremely rushed. I still feel it’s valid to point out that we could have done without “Raising Spirits” and “RoboKnight Before Christmas” and […]

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