What Does It Mean To Morph? LIFE’S A MASQUERADE

“But Keeper, we’re too scared.” “Bones took only a symbol of your bravery, but not your bravery itself.  Is there any battle you would not fight to save your friends?” “Of course not.” “Then you see, everyone has fears, but true courage is finding the strength to fight even when […]

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5th ANNIVERSARY: Morphin’ Legacy Staff Interviews!

Morphin’ Legacy has been up for five whole years.  In that time, we’ve seized control of the hearts and minds of fans all over the world by bringing news, editorials, exclusive content, and the almighty database to your eyes one article at a time.  As a writer, it’s been a […]

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PERSPECTIVE: Interview with Amanda Devonis

PHILOSOPHER’S NOTES: Jimmy Wales defines a ‘fandom’ (a portmanteau consisting of fan [fanatic] plus the suffix -dom, as in kingdom) as a term used to refer to a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of empathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest.   With the rise […]

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WHO’S CRYING NOW?: Megaforce In Review

If someone attacks us, we WILL fight back, and we’ll continue fighting until you leave our planet. ~ Troy Burrows December saw the conclusion of the anniversary season Megaforce (and its subsequent second set of episodes, Super Megaforce, the combined 40 episodes of which will be referred to just ‘Megaforce’ […]

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PROJECT RANGER 2013: Interview with MMPR Black Ranger Ricky Barksdale Jr.

I  recently had the opportunity to speak with Ricky Barksdale Jr., Black Ranger for the MMPR fan film, during the project’s recent Black Ranger Week, during which more information was revealed about the story and creative design.  

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PROJECT_RANGER 2014: MMPR Interview with Louis Maldarelli (Part 2)

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk again with Mr. Louis Maldarelli of the MMPR fan project; he updated us on what the cast and crew have been doing over winter break and what lies ahead for the show.

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WHEN IS A RANGER NOT A RANGER? (Part III): Super Megaforce and the Power Rangers in 2014

“It’s strange; there seems to be a hidden door of light.” – Billy Cranston Welcome to the third and final part of WIARNAR (still a better name than Super Megaforce).  I’ve been on hiatus working with the Oxford dictionary committee to make sure that the word ‘twerk’ made it into […]

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Morphin’ Legacy Exclusive! “WE’RE DOING THIS FOR FREE”: MMPR in NYC!

“You tell everybody that we’re doing this for free. People have GOTTA know it; it’s not something that we want, or even can turn into capital, we’re doing it because we love it, and we’re not making a single penny off of it.” ~ Dominick Sivilli I arrived to New […]

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WHEN IS A RANGER NOT A RANGER? (Part II): The MMPR Fan Project And Why You Should Pay Attention

“There is a war coming, and the Silver Guardians can only do so much.” ~ General E.A. Collins I’m going to start this article with a brief recap of my previous rant: Saban is letting us down on the 20th anniversary season of Power Rangers because they like money and […]

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WHEN IS A RANGER NOT A RANGER? (Part I): Let’s Start Talking About Megaforce

“….I’ve got a lot of stuff to do with my karate school.  And, I dunno, I think the Power’s in good hands.” – Rocky DeSantos I’ve been struggling with some recent bullshittery in the franchise.  As those of us who care know, information has surfaced as to the business dealings […]

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