Gold Ptera Morpher Review – The Ranger Talk Review

Gold Ptera Morpher Review Bandai of America, releases some great Below is my review of the aforementioned Gold Ptera Morpher! Enjoy,  and remember subscribers are always welcome.

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Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Dinomaru Review

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger is the 39th season of Sentai in Japan. Each summer the sentai series releases a movie featuring a new mecha. This year it is Otomonin Dinomaru, a dinosaur themed zord, which accents the Power Rangers series Dino Charge, which is also dinosaur themed! Below is my review of […]

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Dino Charge “Double Ranger, Double Danger” Episode 8 Review

The dreaded hiatus is upon us and another 5-ish months ahead of us will be Dino Charge-less. During these last 8 episodes it is hard to tell you moments I did not enjoy. In this episode Dino Charge delivers more of its consistent quality episodes that both focus on the […]

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Dino Charge “A Fool’s Hour” Episode 3 Review

Another great episode from Power Rangers Dino Charge is what you’ll get from the third installment! In this episode the villains arrive on Earth and do more and get further than many of the previous villains! We learned more about the Energems, Koda gets a backstory and the Rangers learn […]

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Dino Charge “Past, Present & Fusion” Episode 2 Review

What a great second episode! We got some explanations, met a new Ranger, a new Base and the 5 Rangers united to get wild! Now that the five main Rangers are together I really am seeing how fluid they act with one another. The cast has a real connection with […]

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Dino Charge “Powers from the Past” Episode 1 Review

It’s here folks! The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Power Rangers Dino Charge finally premiered on US Television and thus here is my first review! I watched this episode as many did a week before on Nick’s Website and immediately fell in love.  Not only is the writing style […]

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Database Ranger’s Power Reviews 67

In a very special anniversary episode, Database Ranger and Doctor K are sent across dimensions to the 2014 Power Morphicon!  But when a case of mistaken identity lands them in a panel room, they find themselves caught up on one of their greatest challenges yet; a live review of the […]

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Database Ranger’s Power Reviews 66

After helping to discover a strange new mystery, Guy is sent to an oddly familiar establishment, where the staff is all to eager to great him with a story of the Power Rangers Jungle Fury, “Tigers Fall, Lions Rise”.

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Mighty Morphin’ Legacy Movie Morpher: Review!

Check Out My Review of the New 2015 “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie” White Power Morpher Review Video Below! PROS: Excellent Shiny Metal Plating New Falcon Coin Movie Design CONS: Identical to the Original Legacy and Tommy Legacy Morphers including lights and sounds Second Tiger Coin Nothing for the […]

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Extended: Super Megaforce Episode 20 “Legendary Battle” Review

(Disclaimer: This Review was written before the airing of the Extended Finale, this article will be updated with the Extended Scenes and updated Thoughts in the color Red when the episode is available for review! Check Back in a Few Days!) I have had such a crazy love-hate relationship with this […]

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