Possible Power Rangers Movie Logo Concepts Found?!

(Please Visit Mega Power Brasil For More Info) According to an article published by Mega Power Brasil possible concept art of the new Power Rangers Movie Logo may have been found. The article states, having been translated to English, that the Logos were found on Designer Manuel Messerli’s site who […]

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Gold & Black Legacy Dragon Zord Found?

(Thanks to RangerBoard User AnAlpha) For now, take this with a grain of salt! A Korean Image was found today via a RangerBoard user listed above! The image supposedly is of a new rumored Legacy Item, the Black & Gold Dragon Zord variation. I have two opinions on this. There’s […]

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Legacy Falcon Zord & Legacy Communicator Found in TRU Database?

A fan close to Morphin’ Legacy who happens to work for Toys R Us has sent us this interesting new information in their systems! A LEGACY FALCONZORD and LEGACY COMMUNICATOR! For now, keep this as a a rumor and take it with a grain of salt but our source is […]

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The Mystery of Dean Israelite

I’ve avoided talking about this for a bit, but what the hell! Everyone else on Earth is reporting that Dean Israelite has been named Director of the Mighty Morphin’ Movie Reboot! Variety and IMDB  (among many others who still report him as “in negotiations”) both “confirmed” this message days ago, but I […]

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Rumor Control: Rick Medina Arrested

Update: Rick has been released and the Murder charges have been dropped until the DA re-examines the case. The Facts are Not all Known Yet, However everyone deserves a fair trial. Last Night the news broke that Former-Ranger Rick Medina, best known in the Ranger fandom as Cole from Wild […]

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39th Super Sentai Name Revealed!

Source: HenshinJustice & OrendsRange The Name of the 39th Super Sentai Series has been revealed as Shuriken Sentai Ninninger

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Claire Blackwelder Cast as Violet Ranger?

Treat as Rumor until Confirmed Some Charged Up rumors have been spreading within the fandom lately and they have to do with the mysterious travels ahead for Claire Blackwelder. Yes, a 6th Person is making the trip to New Zealand along with Brennan Mejia, James Davies, Camille Hyde, Michael Taber […]

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The “GabuRevolver” and Dino Charge: Should it be Used?

There seems to be a rather strange argument  going on in the Power Rangers Fandom recently and it involves the new Morphers that may or may not be featured in the upcoming Dino Charge season. My opinion on the matter will become clear as we continue on in this article. […]

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Green Ranger “Origins” Movie In The Works?

After celebrating the show’s 20th anniversary yesterday, word got around that Jason David Frank (A.K.A. Tommy) was trying to convince Saban himself to make a PG-13 Green Ranger “Origins” movie. In a recent interview with Complex, JDF states that he’s been trying to convince Saban to produce a movie with […]

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Super Sentai Rangers on PR ACG Previews?!?!

The Following 3 images are borrowed from RangerCrew’s Blog, please visit their original article for more information. 2 Images and a quote taken from HenshinJustice Whoa. Are you weirded out yet? If you look just behind the Red Megaforce Ranger on this preview card obtained by RangerCrew at the International […]

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