New Toys R Us Exclusive 6 Pack Figure Set with Black Ranger in Armor X Mode!

A New 6 Figure Pack was found today on the Toys R Us Website called the “Mighty Hero Set” which features the Black Dino Charge Ranger in Armor X Mode, Doomwing, Singe, a Red & Gold Ranger in Dino Super Drive Mode and a Silver Ranger Figure! The Set can […]

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Super Sentai Artisan: Dairanger Aura Changers Coming Soon!

Thanks to @PowerRangersNow for the heads up! has revealed that Super Sentai Artisan will be releasing the Aura Changers from Gosei Sentai Dairanger! The Aura Changers are the Henshin Device the Dairanger use to change into Super Sentai! There is currently no images or release date, but according to the […]

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New Power Rangers Movie (1995) Loyal Subjects Coming Soon!

Loyal Subjects unveiled some new Figures coming soon based off the Original Power Rangers Movie as well as the Original Mighty Morphin Zords! The Characters (with Power Blasters) coming are Aisha, Kimberly (with her Pterodactyl Thunder Whip), Rocky (with Interchangeable visor), Billy (with Stego-Stinger), Adam and Tommy (with Saba) from the […]

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First Power Rangers Movie Toy Exclusive to be Sold at NYCC!

It was also revealed today via the Bandai America website that the first Power Rangers Movie Exclusive Toy would be sold at NYCC! No word yet on what the toy will actually be, stay tuned for more details! “Get your first-ever exclusive Power Rangers movie toy at New York Comic […]

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Rita Repulsa (MMPR S01)

3 New Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pops Coming Soon!

(Source) Just off the heels of Friday’s reveal of an Alpha 5 Walmart Funko Pop Exclusive; more Exclusives have been discovered! From a Hot Topic Employee / Anonymous Source on Reddit it  appears that a Metallic Pink Ranger, Metallic Red Ranger and Rita Repulsa will be coming soon Exclusively to Hot […]

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