Premium Bandai / Super Sentai Artisan Aura Changer & Kiba Changer Scans Leaked!

Thanks to some leaked images (from an Anonymous Poster on 2-Chan) we have our first look at the Premium Bandai / Super Sentai Artisan line of Gosei Sentai Dairanger Aura Channger and Kiba Changers! As stated in our original article the released of these items are in March 2017 for […]

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Check Out The New Ninja Steel Toys Revealed For Spring!

(Thanks to PowerRangersNow for Information & Images) Thanks to a new article today from PowerRangersNow an array of new Spring Items available this Holiday Season were revealed for the Ninja Steel line. While we have seen some of these items before such as at Power Moprhicon and several Comic-Cons, this […]

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Ninja Steel Ranger & Villain Figure Pics Released

(Source: PowerRangersNOW) Thanks to PowerRangersNOW & Bandai we have some high quality pictures from the upcoming Ninja Steel Toy Line. Included in this first wave of pictures are the main five Ninja Steel Rangers, a villain, three monsters and a footsoldier. Ranger Figures Villain Figures

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Thomas The Tank Engine To Release Power Ranger Themed Trains

(Source: ZeoRed93) Thanks to twitter user ZeoRed93, we know now that the people who make Thomas The Tank Engine toys will be making Power Rangers variant that will include the basic Power Rangers, allies & villains!!! Will You Be Picking Up These Power Rangers Theme Trained?

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New York Comic-Con 2016 Power Rangers Toy Reveals!

Note: Make sure to Check Our Twitter for retweets of any older toys that were showcased at NYCC this year including Legacy Figures and the New Movie Figures! Many thanks to our sources this year for their coverage! (Source: TokuNation) New York Comic-Con is beginning to take off and the […]

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