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Legacy Communicator Packaging Image Released!!!

(Source: RangerBoard) Thanks To Morgan Lamia Of RangerBoard, We Now Have Our First Pictures Of The Legacy Communicator And The Packaging!!! Fans in the UK will be able to be the first to purchase during MCM Comic Con before it’s full release later this year in June!  What Do You […]

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Mighty Morphin’ PEZ Coming In July!

(Source) You may remember hearing about this many months ago but we’ve finally heard word of their release! According to an article from pezcollectors.com Mighty Morphin’ PEZ Dispensers are on their way in July! The article reads that the Red, Pink and Black Rangers are to be released with no […]

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tiger cube

Cube Tiger Review – The Ranger Talk Reviews

Cube Tiger Review The 40th season of Sentai, “Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger”, has premiered and the toys are being released. This season’s theme is cubes. The zords are numbered cubes that combine in formations of threes. The White Ranger’s cube is a Tiger (#5). My favorite part of this season is the engineering and […]

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Remote Control Imaginext Dragonzord & More Coming Soon!

(Source) Images of the new upcoming Imaginext Toys have been revealed thanks to RangerCrew. The two new toys include a remote control Dragonzord complete with figure, missiles and a tiny Dragon Dagger! As well, it was revealed that a 2  Figure pack of a now brown-gowned Rita Repulsa and Finster […]

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Dino Drive Figures – The Ranger Talk Reviews

All Dino Drive Figures Neo-Saban’s Power Rangers has had a trend of creating new “power-up” suits for the rangers in the megazord cockpits. They never use them in battle outside of the megazord, which does bother me a little, since there is no correlation between the suits and the zord’s […]

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