Exclusive: Ciara Hanna



Ciara Hanna’s Gia is arguably the most beloved character in Megaforce / Super Megaforce and now that her season is over, Ciara took a few moments to answer our questions regarding her time on the show, the aftermath & what she thinks her season’s Legacy will be!

What Was Your Favorite Moment as Gia?

A: I loved all the civilian fights for Gia. Those were always her moments of leadership and [email protected]$$ times.

How Was Your Time in New Zealand?

Ciara Hanna

A: New Zealand is the most gorgeous place I’ve ever been to. It has a sense of magic there and a way of taking you from your worries. The environment is perfect for Power Rangers since a lot of the architecture is Asian influenced. So its easy for when we need to match up to Japanese footage.

What Do the Rangers Do For Fun When You Aren’t Filming?

A:  New Zealand is an active country, so being outside is always a thing. A lot of times it would be raining so we really got into bowling. Also loved just going to cafes and playing cards with Azim and eating amazing food.

What Are You Currently Working On?

A: I am currently working on all sorts of things! I’ve recently taken the past month to travel and visit fans at cons but as an actress I am sinking my teeth into some cool projects that I will keep you updated when possible.

One of our Favorite Moments was Gia’s team-leadership moment in “Prince Takes Knight”!
What was it like to film that?

Gia Moran

A:  I LOVED that. I’m a natural leader anyway and always love being the front runner, so this episode was so much fun for me. Gia makes a great secondary leader I think. She has a tough side that doesn’t let her emotions get in the way when needed, but always still a great friend and teammate.

The Fans have shipped Gia with almost every Super Mega Ranger, who would you ship Gia with?

A: Emma. #Gemma

If you could’ve given Gia a Focus Episode, What would it have been about?

A:  I would love for her to show some struggle. She comes off so tough all the time, but she needed to be human a bit and show weakness. Also would’ve been nice for her and Jake to actually go on a date. It would’ve been hilarious to see nervous Jake trying to create date conversation.

Gia’s Hair and Makeup were the best on the show, except for Drew’s hair of course 😉 , How was it in the makeup chair or wardrobe?


A:  Drew always looks good, even right when he wakes up. make up trailer was always fun! We had an amazing hair and make up team. In the second season they allowed us to have a little more opinion in our looks in a subtle way. So you can notice slightly a change in make up on Christina and I. I’m such a sucker for eye make up haha!

Who was your favorite returning Legendary Ranger?

A:  They only came onto one of the episodes but Jason Smith and Alex Heartman are always my favorite. Sweetest guys in the world right there.

Any Fun Stories to tell from the set?

A: A lot of funny stories were off set. We were pretty professional when we were filming. We would laugh about how each other ran or stood or something stupid like that when on set but overall we kept it professional.

Did you disagree with any of the choices made for the season on set?


A:  The only disagreeing moment I had, and Azim would agree with me, was the story arc between Gia and Jake. I really wish more came out of that.

How would you describe your overall experience on Power Rangers?

A:  I LOVED WORKING ON POWER RANGERS. Best experience of my life and I would do it all over again in a second. It changed my life.

Can you tell us about a Fan Interaction you’ve had that you always remember?

A:  I’ll always remember when make-a-wish visited us in Orlando, FL. This beautiful young girl loved Power Rangers and we changed her life just by playing on her tv everyday. We were all so in love with her, and I’m pretty sure she had a big crush on Cameron and Azim haha!

How much Gia merchandise do you own?

A: My closet is filled with yellow rangers. It’s almost embarrassing haha

What do you think Megaforce & Super Megaforce’s Legacy will be as the years go by?

A: We were the season that brought everyone together. The season that reintroduced the past to the present. It’s such a beautiful thing seeing past Rangers come around and young kids knowing who they are. I love it!

Bonus: What was it like to play Heather Locklear in the “The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story”

A: Such a nerve racking role. Very challenging for me to play a real life person. I had so much fun though and had such a great experience doing it.