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It’s time to rocket into space with the Silver Ranger of Power Rangers In Space, Justin Nimmo! Justin took the time to sit down with us and answer some quick rapid fan questions about his time on the set of Power Rangers in Space that we were all just dying to know!

Had you ever heard of or watched Power Rangers before auditioning?

A: Yes I was familiar with the show but didn’t watch it as a fan.

What was the audition process for Power Rangers In Space like?

A: My agency and manager told me I had an audition for a role. When I told my friends some laughed. After the checks started rolling in I laughed back at them and they became supportive. I had a few calls before the final. No cattle calls that I remember but was told there were bunches however only 3 made it to the final and not all of us were LA based. The Big Man said if I would bleach my hair I had the part. He did ask my background in martial arts but that didn’t seem to be a deal breaker.

Do you remember what it was like to hear you got the part?

A:  I was excited just to have a job. Each audition for an actor is basically a job application. I wasn’t overwhelmed because I didn’t know it was such a huge opportunity and would have a galactic following.

Was it the producer’s idea to change your hair color, or did you already have it that color?

Justin Nimmo Interview-1

A:  I had my hair blond before I auditioned. When I went in for my final audition I took my portfolio. When he saw the blonde hair where I was doing Brad Pitt look a like work he loved it.

What was your first day on the Astro Megaship set like?

A:  I remember being nervous and anxious. There is always concern the other cast will accept you. But I don’t remember any details other than seeing the life size monster suits in the lobby and wanted to put one on.

Who would you say was your closest friend on the set?

Justin Nimmo Interview-2

A:  Definitely Chris. I didn’t get many chances to hang with the other cast members due to my other job. Chris and I visited each other at our homes/apts. we did go to the state fair once. I almost killed him with my cooking cause I didn’t know his allergies.

Any funny behind the scenes stories?

A: Just a lot of laughing and rehearsing. The voice over booth was always a blast. Some things just can’t be mentioned.

If you can remember, What was your favorite In Space episode to film?

Space Rangers Countdown

A: “Countdown to Destruction” the final episode because it was filmed downtown and my Dad was there visiting.

How did you go about playing Zhane? Were there pieces of your own personality in him?

A:  I just played me so being in character was easy.

Do you wish that Zhane’s relationship with Astronema/Karone would’ve had a proper conclusion?

Justin Nimmo Interview-3

A: It would have made more sense if I continued to the next season with her and the show had a fairy tale ending like the fans wanted.

Do you know why you weren’t you included in the In Space / Lost Galaxy team up episodes?

A: Simply put, they didn’t offer me a part/role.

If you were to return to Power Rangers, what would Zhane be doing today?


A: Wise strong funny bad ass who saves the crew once again.

Since returning to the Fandom, have you had any special moments with fans you want to share?

A:  Lots! Like, someone named their child Zhane after my character. Also how the show helped so many through tough times in their life.

Are you currently working on any projects/attending cons you want your fans to know about? Where can we Officially follow you on social networks?

A: Nothing currently. Places to follow are
Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
Thanks for the offer to be interviewed and caring about me and the fans. 
Let’s Rocket!!