Exclusive: Rhett Fisher



You remember his as the lovable Ryan Mitchell, once controlled by Diabolico! You may also remember him as our First US Exclusive Ranger with the Cobra Tattoo! We had an awesome chance to send Rhett Fisher some of our burning questions from Lightspeed Rescue, his amazing band Project Dirty & What would Ryan be doing today?!

Had you ever heard of or watched Power Rangers before auditioning?

A: Yes, I definitely remember watching Mighty Morphin and a few seasons after that when I was
younger. I used to stand in the mirror and pretend to be a Power Ranger like most kids back then, so I
guess it’s ironic that I ended up becoming one of my heroes.

What was the audition process for Lightspeed Rescue like?
Did you know you’d become the First 
US Exclusive Power Ranger?

A: I auditioned for the part of the Red Ranger in Lost Galaxy and the Red Ranger for Lightspeed
Rescue, so when the part of the Titanium Ranger came along, the casting directors knew me pretty
well. When I finally got the part for the Titanium Ranger, I found out I was going to be the first US
exclusive Ranger on the first day I started shooting. Talk about pressure!

Do you remember what was it like to hear you got the part?

A: I cried. I was working at the front desk of the Spectrum Gym when my agent called my cell phone. I
walked out that day and never went back! Best day ever.

What was your first day on the Lightspeed Aquabase set like?

A: Incredible! I couldn’t believe that they had built that entire Aqubase in a soundstage. It was massive.
I got lost in there a few times and would forget if it was day or night outside because of the fake lights
in the windows. They even had a deep underwater cavern you could scuba dive in.

Who would you say was your closest friend on the set?

A: Hmm, I was pretty close to everyone, but I guess I hung out with Alison the most. She was my sister
on the show, so we had the most scenes together.

Any funny behind the scenes stories?

A: Trying to make each other laugh during takes are probably my funniest memories. Monica (Ms.
Fairweather) and I once did 35 takes or so of the same scene because we got the giggles and couldn’t
get through the scene without laughing. The crew hated us!

If you can remember, What was your favorite Lightspeed Rescue episode to film?

A: I would say, the first episode (From Deep in the Shadows) because it was the first and I was so
excited and nervous and the last episode (The Fate of Lightspeed part 2) because I was so comfortable
with the character at that point. I was wearing the character like a second skin, so I was able to really
enjoy the filming more.

How did you go about playing Ryan? Were there pieces of your own personality in him?

A: I think the only similarity between us was the constant struggle to want to be a good person. I think
everyone can relate to that.

Do you happen to own any Titanium Ranger merchandise?

A: Yes, I have a big box of stuff. Figures, toys, Max Solarzords, McDonalds toys, even a Ryan
Mitchell punching bag! Unfortunately I don’t have my original morpher, and I hear those are hard to
find, but an amazing fan gave me his at the last Power Morphicon. So cool!

What was the make up process for your Cobra Tattoo like?

A: It was terrible! I would get it painted on me every morning around 4:30am. It took 2 hours each
time. And because it kept creeping up my back, it would need to be re-drawn every few days. I stopped

If you were to return to Power Rangers, what would Ryan be doing today?

A: I like to think he would be working with his Dad and sister in some kind of military capacity. And
staying away from tattoos. And snakes…

As you know we were huge fans of Project Dirty, what do you want to say to their fans now that
you’ve moved on?

A: I would tell them not to worry, because I’ve only just begun to release music. I am in the beginning
process of working on a solo album that I’m super excited about. Also, I am writing and producing for
a ton of different artists at the moment. I’ve had 2 songs in the top 10 billboard charts this year alone
with artists I am working with, so I think some good things are coming soon! Stay tuned☺

Are you currently working on any projects you want your fans to know about? Where can we
Officially follow you on social networks?

A: I am looking forward to start doing more cons. I will be at Rangerstop in Orlando Nov. 13-15, and
hopefully Power Morphicon in 2016. In 2016 I will also be releasing a solo EP. If you follow me on
any of my social media sites, you can stay up to date on future appearances, music news, and all other
news. Thanks for the questions everyone!

Twitter: @therhettfisher
Instagram: therhettfisher
Facebook Fan Page: therhettfisher